Box design...need feedback


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hey already got it drawn up and in winISD and sketchup. seems like good numbers but with a short port 12.5" x 2" x 11.75" will it sound good?? (including end correction factor)

its 3.99 cubes after port and sub displacement tuned at 32.5 will house 2 12" xplodes

my main concern is when i see other build logs the ports always end up being fairly long and bending around in the box, being that they are wider requiring a longer port....according to winISD the velocity out of the port shouldn't pass 14.5 m/s...
deriks box v2 (resize).bmp (97.9 k)

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nevermind....port area should be between 12-16 in^2 per cu was at 25" total...meaning 6.25 in^2 opps...good thing we didn't build it yet

anyone know if 3.43 cubes at 32.5 hertz will work good for 2 xplods (12.75 in^2 per cu ft)?

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sony explodes.... those will prolly blow within a month anyways.. no offense... others here will prolly say even worse about those things

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just helping a friend who has a set

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the boss, they will not blow within a month as long as you use them within their limits

thats not to say that i would hesitate to say bad things about them though because i would not. thats irrelevant though

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I've actually sen Xplode subs win an SPL event. They are loud, they just aren't he best sounding subs around. That said, for an Xplod 12" pair of subs (shared chamber) I's make the box 3.6-4.4ft^3 and if it's for daily/music use, use two 4" ID ports (one per sub) (flared if you can) tuned to 28-32Hz range.

It'll play deep, be tight, and handle good power.

I'd personally lean toward the larger box size.

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well too late...wood was cut....then realized that it wouldn't quite fit in the the

so i had max panel sizes to deal with....came up with 3.43 cubes at 32.3 hz

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W/e i need to take a pi*s
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