PPI D2000/1 or AQ1200D


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Which is gonna put out the cleanest power?
Friend of mine was looking at the PPI on ebay for 239 shipped, NIB

I also suggested the AQ1200 which was like 8 dollars more.

Soo not sure on which one is going to put out the cleanest SQL oriented sound. He will be running a 1ohm load.

I used to be into PPI back in the art series day, I know there old stuff is of good quality, but unsure about there new stuff.

I know they are both under the good category on the good/bad/ugly list.

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it is my understanding that PP still makes solid gear

i would go with AQ though. they have great reviews, great prices, and great customer service.

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PPI still uses milspec components and PWM tightly regulated power supplies, but honestly for subs, you won't hear a difference.

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It's going to run you more money, but if you're going for SQ you may want to run your needed rms at a 2 ohm or even 4 ohm load vs. 1 ohm. Glasswolf can explain

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simply put, the lower the load, the less dynamic headroom the amplifier has for sudden peak demands. Also, the lower the load, the higher the THD, the lower the S/N ratio, etc.. other factors can get worse as well, like slew rate or damping, and so forth.
Basically, the only advantage to running really low impedances is that you get more watts per dollar spent. There is no advantage when it comes to SQ.

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He's running a pair of JL 12w3's, single 2ohm voice coils, so i'm guessing best bet will be to find a 2 channel that will bridge out to 1000@4ohms. suppose he could also go with duel 2ohm amps, maybe a pair of the alpine 500's think those run around 199 a pop on crutchfield sure he could find em cheaper elsewhere.

Any suggestions? Think he said he wanted to keep it under 400.
Guessing best bet is to shop around on ebay, not to sure what he thinks about used items, haven't asked.

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most (most not all) 2 channel amps are class AB, so not ideal for high current. They're inefficient.
If this is purely for SQ, I'd go with two separate 2 ohm class D amplifiers or suggest he return his subs and exchange them for a 4 ohm single coil model, then go with a single class D 2 ohm amplifier.

If he just wants it loud, then driving @ 1 ohm on something like an AQ1200D would be just fine. Honestly he'll most likely not be able to tell the difference anyway. You can't really hear audible distortion in subs till about 10% anyway, so a lot of this is an argument over specs on paper vs audible differences or perceived differences.

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Honestly, he will probably be fine @1ohm, he would probably never be able to tell the difference.

The only reference he even has to an SQ system would be mine and comparing it to the spl setup's he's heard, which is 99% of this town, since the majority of the car stereo scene here is nothing but spoiled teenagers spending mommy and daddies money on those o so wonderful square kickers, or sony xplod for the rednecks lol. This town is very uninformed. If it's not kicker it's trash....pretty sad when I took my infinity perfect components in to get em installed, and the shop had not even heard of the perfect line from infinity. Tho now they are looking into carrying them(infinity in general).

They pretty much only deal kicker/orion only and the perfects pretty much destroyed everything they had there as far as components went. 1 shop town, well 2 shops but other shop doesn't count as they deal mainly in nothing but lanzar and MA audio.... Actually had some kid at work ask me if I got my atomic subs from wal-mart....
God I miss living in the bigger cities.

And you were right Glasswolf, the perfects off that 180 watts on my 4 chan bridged, is just freaking amazing. Tweeters are a little rich on some tracks, but that's easily adjusted, guitar solo's sound ridiculously good. Tho I think I may try your suggestion on rear fill with the bridged rear full ranges, as i'm pretty tall my seat is generally all back, and partially laid back, damn near sitting in the rear. Will just have to play around and see how it works out.

Once again ty for the help

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glad you liked it. Infinity tends to be very aggressive on high frequencies. I usually set the tweeter @ -3 or -6dB to smooth it out a little. That's mostly a result of those neo tweeters they use if I recall.
If you bridge the rear channels of the amp to run the rear fill, remember to wire them in series, and you may want to use a bandpass filter @ about 250Hz-5KHz for the rears to cut out the high end so they're less distracting.

I know about small towns, and the Kicker mentality.
I remember when I was younger, going to Radford college to visit a friend who was going there. I had my car with me, with the giant /////ALPINE and PRECISION POWER and ORION stickers across teh 5% tinted rear window.. and some drunk shmuck at a house party was asking me, "Whatcha got in there?"
I got about 2 components into my explanation and he cut me off and said, "If it ain't kickers it ain't sh**!"
I just shook my head and talked off.
Some years later, living in rural MI, I entered a local sound off event at the small town's indoor roller rink. They cordoned off half the rink, and had us pull our cars in.
The only car that even raised an eyebrow from me (I had my Festiva there) was a Volvo wagon with 4 15" subs in it. Power Acoustiks I think they were. When he cranked up the stereo, it was nothing put pure distortion. It sounded like he had them powered straight from teh ehad unit, mounted in cardboard.
Needless to say, I pretty much won that event hands down, and they dropped the event the following year.

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