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i wanna get 2 12" 8oo watt sony x plod subs. what would b a good amp for me to hook them up w/?

i don't recommend getting those subs. the xplod line of subs and amps makes me wonder what sony was thinking of. but in case you still decide to get those subs, i'll give you a little lesson free of charge. first off, those subs do not handle 800 watts. they handle way less. do not look at peak power ratings because it's all crap. rms is the continuous power handling and it's the true value. if you were to hook up an amp that puts out 800 watts rms, it would surely blow that sub. the amp you want to get for a pair of "800 watt" subs is the sony xm-d1000p5 mono amp. it puts out "1600 watts" max power, which is really 900 watts rms into 2 ohms. if you're going to have xplod subs, then you might as well get an xplod amp. it would be a perfect match since i believe crap compliments crap. that's just my opinion anyway.

by the way, you can buy sony xplod products at pep boys...which isn't a good sign.

ok well what subs would u recomend for me to get then?

what kind of budget are you on? tell me how much you're willing to spend on the subs and how much for an amp. i can recommend a very good setup on any reasonable budget. trust me, there are way better products out there that are even cheaper than sony xplod.

umm id b willing to spend about 850 on the whole set what do u think i could get for that?

Dirt Track Racer
HU: Alpine CDM-9803 $141.90
Speakers: Rockford Fosgate FRC 2206U $49.90
Amp: Rockford Fosgate 801s $289.90
Subs: (2) Alpine Type R 12" 207.80(for both)
Total: $689.50

(2) RF HE2's 400wrms a piece.-$169.80
RF 801s amp-$289.90

what i recommend:
RF Punch HX2 12" subs ($127 each)
RF Punch 801s amp ($290)
All these are available at The HX2 subs are cleaner than the HE2's but that's just my opinion. For components/speakers, I recommend Infinity or Focal. That should fit your budget. You'll even have extra money to invest in some Dynamat. You might need it.

o thanks for all the help...also will my cars electric system handle this ok? or will i need to fix that up at all?

and also what r a good line of wires to get?

i would recommend stinger wires. how many amperes does your alternator put out? it should be able to handle this setup with no problem.

Just bought 2 Visonik 12" subs (700w max, 350w Rms, dual 6 ohm voice coils) and can't seem to find an amp that will be compatible and produce the best quality in sound. Please recommend an amp that's compatible or am I just out of luck?
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