Hey, I know this isnt a question regarding an amp, but you guys seem to know about everything so please help me out. I have a 94 cutlass supreme, and im looking to step up from factory front speakers. They're in the dash, and the cutouts are 4" round. Im looking to make and all alpine system, but alpine doesnt make 4" components. Would it be really hard to make a 5.25 component system fit there? My other idea is to get alpine tweeters and then some alpine type S coaxials...just so that i have the sound shaping that a seperate tweeter provides. any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

I have a 98 ranger and my doors where only 5x7's and i put JL XR 6.5's I also cut holse in my door for the tweeters You could always make the dash holse bigger then cut some holes for the tweeters

"just so that i have the sound shaping that a seperate tweeter provides."

That 'sound shaping' only helps with proper placement of the speakers. Coax speakers mounted on the dash pointing up is not proper placement.

Again, the best thing you can do is put the speakers where they belong...in the kick panels at the right angle. Remember?

motoman...i know that coaxials in the dash doesnt provide the same sound quality as would a component speaker set, but i can't find alpine components that will fit my vehicle. what i was wondering is if i can mount coax's in the factory holes in the dash, and then seperate tweeters mounted somewhere else. Will this sound good or be pointless? Thank you

Having four tweeters (one on each speaker and two more separate) and just two 4" midrange speakers might be overkill. The highs might just pierce your eardrums when you turn it up loud enough to enjoy the rest of the music range.

To do a 'quick and easy' I would just put some quality 4" 2-way speakers in the dash and leave it be.

The theory behind putting speakers on the dash pointing up is that the sound relfects off the windshield and gives the audio illusion that the speakers are facing you but mounted in the middle of the windshield (which would be excellent placement.) Does it work? Not really but it's not all that bad for tweeters when you don't want to be able to tell exactly where the sound is coming from.

There are quality 4" component sets available and even if it's not Alpine you'd be better off with the component set than the coax. At a later date when funds are available and desire is there you can add a 6.5" midbass to your kick panels and redirect the crossover points to make for an excellent front stage.

It's not going to sound bad either way but I really do think that adding another set of tweeters to a 4" coax set isn't going to help much unless the highs just don't have enough muscle behind them (like if you have a strong sub setup in the trunk.)

Teflondog, what do you think? (he knows his stuff)

in my trunk i have 2 12" type r's pushed by 2 alpine mrv-t757. so i dont know what would be "too much" for high end sound. I dont want one end of the frequencies to overpower the other.

If you need more highs, tweets are easy to add later...

just get infinity there just as good and they accually come in a 4" model ....
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