What is best counding sub/amp package?


Hi. I'm a copmputer person and am putting a system in my car. I dont like to waste money so I want to know what amp/subs to put in my car. Right now i have a 2001 Honda Accord 4 door with an infinity kappa system installed.(6 x 9's in backa and component in front) I have the Alpine 9813 head unit. I need a 4 channel amp for my kappa's and I want a well rounded sound system so a sub is needed. I want clarity and precision, the system will be loud enough im sure. My Kappa's RMS at 90 and 100 and peak at 300 and 330. I was thinking about the kicker 800.4 amp for the 4-way amp and 2 CRV 12's for the subs. I'm not sure so someone please tell me why some amp's are more expensive then others, and why some are better quality. Thanx.

well, it seems like you've already spent a lot of money with the stuff you already have. you might as well go the whole nine yards. get the infinity perfect subs, which will greatly compliment your components. kicker amps are pretty good so you could go with that.

aight. thank alot i was just looking into the perfect subs today and there are like 3 diff versions of them ranging from 120 to 220 a peice. The kicker cvr12's are 73$ a peice. So i was wondering what perfect sub i should go with and how many. I just want best sound quality, not just loud as possible. the 4 models of the Perfect are 12.1,12.1D,12VQ, and 12DVQ. http://www.infinitysystems.com/caraudio/category.aspx?Cat=SUB Thats a link to look at the perfect sub series. Please try to reccomend me what sub to buy and also 1 or 2, 10 or 12 for best sound. Thank You.

check your spelling one time danny, here is what i will tell you, good goods arent cheap, and cheap goods arent good, you have the kappa in the front the perfects will sound great in the trunk get the kicker amp with a 12 inch sub. also buy a box.... want to go all out get another 4 ch. amp and wire it to your speakers.
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