I need amp help, BAD!


I have a jenson 720 watt amp and 2 12 inch jenson speakers in my car, I'm having a hard time keeping my amp from shutting itself down or going into a protected state. I've had it to Best Buy twice now and everytime they fix it, it'll work until I get home and then start shutting off all over again. Any advice would be appreciated.

is it overheating, if so jst put a small car fan and blow it directly on the amp but if its not overheating then i dont know what to tell you except tho check and make sure the ohms match up correctly

Matt N.
Anonymous makes a good point. The impedence load on the amp is a big deal. First thing to know here is how are the subs wired to the amp? Second is what is the nominal impedence of each speaker. This is important because if your subs are 4ohm and they are wired in parallel it will produce (roughly) a 2 ohm load. Now, depending on your amp, most Jensen amps can have a 2 ohm load in stereo, but only 4 ohms in bridged mode.

If you wire the 2 ohm load to the amp in bridged mode, you could be drawing too much amperage from the amplifier. This creates alot more heat that it ought to and the amp may shut down because of the excessive heat or because it "sees" the extra current as a short curcuit.

I have also wondered about the work that outlets like Best Buy are capable of. My suggestion is if your aren't sure of how to figure out what I said earlier, then take your car to a reputible car audio installer. They should steer you right.

that jenson amp is only stable down to 4 ohms. make sure your speakers are NOT wired to 2 ohms and it should solve your problem.
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