To bridge or not to bridge?


I have a 10 inch Fosgate sub in a Q Logic box at 100 watts rms and 200 peak.My amp is Kicker 2 channel and it puts out 40 watts x 2 at 4 ohms when bridged its max power is 160 watts. My friend that hooked it up told me not to bridge it for some reason. Thanks for the advice

Some amps aren't bridgable. It should say something in the instructions. Another reason your freind told you not to bridge is the sub. Im not sure but that sub might not be 2 Ohm stable.

anthony jhons
you should bridge if your amp is bridgeable becuse it delivers max power when bridged but if your amp doesnt allow it dont do it

Tom.... please tell me, why would a sub have to be 2 ohm stable? Plan on running one sub off another somehow?

hiw do you bridge a 3oow 2 channel amp that's brigeable

evil bassmaster
this might sound like a silly question if you have a bridgable amp and two sub can they both be bridged or is bridging for giving one sub max power

bridging a two channel amp is primarily used when you're connecting only one sub.
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