Fosgate 500s... needs more input?


I just got my new Rockford Fosgate 500s. I am running each channel to each 4-ohm coil on a DVC sub. The other sub is on it's way and I will run the coils parallel on each channel for 2-ohm loads. Anyway, it seems like the amp wants more input, even with the gain all the way up. It's not putting out much power until you use the bass boost control. Then, you can drive it all the way to distortion (263w RMS from what I measured), but that doesn't give me the flat freq. response I am looking for. So, is this unusual for this model amp, or should I start lookng for a preamp? Will it get better when I put 2-ohm loads on it?

Thanks in advance,

you might want to look into getting an eq. the amp you have might not be getting proper preamp voltage. take a look at the clarion 560 eq. it costs less than a $100 and will make your bass sound a lot cleaner. it puts out a 6 volt signal and has a built in line driver & crossover.

The Cuspid amp that I upgraded from didn't seem to have this problem. So I figured it's not because of the level, but that may just be because of one of Cuspid's marketing ploys. Maybe I'll try the high inputs. That EQ does sound pretty good though....
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