Comparing alpine 10 type "R" vs jl 10w3


i am looking at buying one of these subs. i have an extended cab so i can only have one sub in a 1 cubic foot box. which ones would be better.

the 10w3 no joke i do nothing but JL in my car and ive never been disapointed. I have 2 10w3's and its pretty loud. JL audio is just awesome. More pricy than most but well worth it for loudness and sound quality.

Well i agree the sub is really good so i would recomment you get the w3. But if you go for amp dont get JL brand. are you talkin about dude....JL puts out some of the best amps you can buy...wut r u smokin?

yeah, they are both good subs, im not particularly a big fan of alpine so i wouldnt go with the type-r just from past experience, but they both sound great in sealed enclosures and either one would do well in your situation.

JL amps are awsome. Get type R they are cheaper and hit as hard if not better.

LOL Derek. I guess you didnt use to hear JL. But let me tell you something. JL 1000/1 cant even handl 2 w6v2 which is 800 rms. While you can get a kicker zr1000 that can handle both sub and give a better sound quality.

evidently you havent heard of a regulated power supply. this means that the ohm load doesnt matter, the amp adapts to what load is presented. This makes the JL amps superior to most amps around. the sound and build quality of the JL amps is 2 times better than the kickers. the 1000/1 is underrated and pushes variably 1100-1150 in testing. so actually, the 1000/1 is too big for the w6v2s, but with proper gain control, it works perfectly.

do some research.
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