Speaker wire from amps to subs?


Hey, I am wiring up 2 amps to 2 12 inch subs, and I would like to know what kind of speaker wire to use to run from the amp to the sub box, and then to the sub. Is there a certain guage that would be the best with my setup? (2 alpine 757's - 750 watts each, and 2 alpine type R 12's - 2 ohms each.) thank you.

what kinda amp u got if u got a 800 watt amp then use 8 guage if u got over a 1000 go with 4 guage

Matt N.

8 and 4 guage are overkill not to mention rediculously hard to wire to a sub. Those are for powering the amp, not to carry the sound to the speaker.

Use either 12 or 10 guage wire. That should be more than sufficient with minimal loss of power.

Yeah I would say go with 12gauge.
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