Low input ? High Input? Eh?


Hello, please help me, I have purchased a 300W amp 2X150W for my 6x9 in the shelf and with the wiring instructions provided wired up the amp correctly for low input, earthed, Joined to Ignition wire etc. The speakers are also wired correctly.

But nothing happens, power is going into the amp but nothing going out,, the guy I bought it off advised to try wiring it up for high input and from the diagram it looks like I have 4 wires to go to the head unit from the high input plug on the amp, The diagram advises to wire up to L+ and L- and L+ and L-... does this mean My speakers will only run on theleft hand side, also where do I connect the wires? in the harness behind the head unit or should I butcher some RAC leads?

Please help, Beginner!!!


There has to be a signal from the radio to the amp. It can be the RCA plugs (low input) or on many amps it can be the speaker-level signal (high input) from the radio that usually goes straight to a speakers.

If your radio has RCA plugs on back, get some RCA cables and run them from the radio to the amp (be sure they are connected to the plugs labled REAR on the radio or you won't be able to fade back to them.)

If your radio does not have RCA plugs, you will have to use the High Level inputs on the amp. Just cut the wires that go from the radio to the rear speakers and connect them to the High Level inputs on the amp. The diagram seems to be incorrect, you should connect the right (+) and (-) and the left (+) and (-) to the amp so you can balance between them with the radio.

There may be a switch on the amp somewhere that you have to move into the 'High Level Input' position...some amps have this and some don't.

Hope that helps..
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