Fuse for my amp?!


Ive just bought a Nippon America 200W Amp. Its the SA-200 model but didnt come with any fuses. The fuses are suppose to protect the output speakers but which fuses should i put in there? Would it be 10 amps?

are you talking about the fuse that is inserted in the amp? or are you talking about the fuse that goes on the power cable to the battery?

the fuse that on the outside of the amp, Its suppose to protect the speakers so im assuming its 10 amps - Theres 1 fues for left and 1 for right. Please correct me before im wrong and i blow something

actually anonymous, the fuse is to protect each channel of the amplifier. try to download an instruction manual for the amp because using fuses with the wrong value will not help. there are specific fuses for that amp. 10 amps for each side sounds just about right for a 200w amp, but do some research to make sure. what kind of fuse do you have on the power cable?
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