I am new to all of the car stereo stuff and I need alot of help


ok so I bought 2 new 10in rockford fosgate punch he subwoofers, and was going to slowly buy different things to go with them I already have an xplod hu installed. and a friend of mine gave me things out of her car when she sold it she gave me 2 macintosh 2 way 6x9's, 2 diamond tweeters, sony xlod xm-754hx 4 channel amp, and this is the one i know nothing about or can't find any info on it. now this is what it says on the front of it, power acoustik usa A6-800W,840 WATT,Mosfet, 6 channel, 2 OHM stable, electronic x-over. anyways my friend hooked up the 2 10's to the xplod and was going to hook up the 6x9's and tweeters to this one cause it has 2high's, 2mid's, and 2low's and when he did the tweeters sounded with a high pitched screeching noise and i know they work cause when we hooked them up in his car they worked fine so any information or suggestions on it would be apprecated. and i know this may sound easy but just remember I am a girl so not to hard on me please thanks

hey nichole. one possible reason that your tweeters are screeching is because you have a ground loop. do some research on this so you can get familiarized with car audio. make sure all your ground wires are secure and connected to bare metal. also try running your power wires on the other side of the car away from the rca cables. noise sometimes occurs when these are close together. by the way, try adjusting the electronic x-over on the amplifier. if the x-over is set too high, the amp will only allow high frequencies to pass. hope this helps. let me know how it goes.
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