Kenwood KAC7201 800Wmax & Pioneer GMX332 question Cap or no Cap?


Brian Garcia
Hello everyone,
Question, I am currently installing this get-up in my ride and need some tips. The Kenwwod draws 60amps max and the Pioneer 20amps max. My alternator is only 60 amp rated. Sounds like I'm rebuilding the alt. to me, eh? So, as I understand it, a capacitor will not help for the interim? I bought a decent stinger 1f for $10.
The Kenwood will drive a RF 12" HE2 DVC in series (4 ohm load), bridged. RMS = 460w.
The Pioneer is driving some rampage cupcakes for the time being. RMS = 40w @ 2ch.
My cables are all 4 gauge at the battery and will be to the cap. Especially to ground from the cap.

What can I expect folks?

the capacitor will help to a certain extent. what it does is prevent power fluctuation draw from the battery. it regulates power consumption and keeps it at a constant rate to prevent power spikes. once you do have the higher output alternator make sure you upgrade all the battery and alternator cables, including their grounds too. if you don't upgrade to at least 4 gauge, then having a high output alt would be pointless since the stock 8 gauge wire would restrct sufficient power to flow.

Brian Garcia
Thanks for answering!! Good info!!
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