Alphasonik PMA-2050i Amp Wiring Diagram


I have a Alphasonic PMA02050i car amp. that a friend gave to me because he has no wiring diagram. I have searched the net for this manufacturer but I take it they are out of business or have been bought out. Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram or who I can contact? If so, please e-mail me at Thank you in advance.

Chad Scharff
Buy an MTX, that all you gotta do

doug lund
I'M in the same jam! I have a Alphasonik model
PMA-2100 (100w X2) car amp and I need the schematic to troubleshoot sw. power supply because some yawho unwound the step-up x-former!

I'm right there with you guys. I also have an Alphasonic PMA2100 that has distorted audio on the left channel. I have not been able to locate a schematic. If you find one please let me know. I purchased this amp new about 10 years ago and have the wiring diagram for power, speaker and amp on connections but thats all.



Same quest as others--I need a schematic for an Alphasonik sub-woofer amp MAS-1100. Thanks.

i have a 2050 and the wire diagrahm. Do you guys still need it? Troy

I have a alphasonik HCX 2030 amp with no fan out connector asssembly or wire diagram
HELP any body...

Are you guys serious? You guys can't find Alphasonik? Well try . I hope that helps. Latez!

I'll up the ante. I have an old HCX-2050 that i want to put back in service to drive a subwoofer - so i want to strap it to mono, which is how i had it in its previous installation. I *think* everything is connected per the wiring diagram on the chassis except the mono sub is connected to green/gray; and brown/blue are simply not used. can anyone with a manual verify ??


Andy N. Working on exactly the same problem.
Got in touch with Alphasonik twice requesting the same information. No reply. I think that you are right but I cannot confirm. I'll try it tomorrow and see if I can blow something up.

I have an Alpasonic HCX-2075 and the wire diagram is ON THE AMP... Anyway, later...

good word to the anonymous writer because did you look on the amp. the gray and blue are right speakers and the lighter color and green are speakers. the orange is remote and the pink is input ground.the red is power and black is ground. the other two that are left over are the high level inputs which i don't think you guys will be using

Pyle PLWB108's
Nobody knows for sure what happened to Pyle ... remember the PROs?
I have two PLWB108s (yes 8 ohm !!!), each of these in its own 1.1 cu.f chamber, ported at 3" x 4" connected to an Alpine 1505 about 400w/Ch. (Not even bridged yet!!!)
It is so F**K'N LOUD that it rips the 1996 Camaro Convertible apart.
It blows away the entire neighborhood and I have been chased down the street by people as well as sh*t thrown at me!
This is Pyle still at its best.
I have tried to blow these up but they just get louder and more obnoxious! It feels like everything is going to blow up except these!
From low to high bass this subwoofer has no distortion and is a magical blend with an Alpine 505 driven 4 Polk 6.5s and tweeters. All driven by a Pioneer KEH-P990 and Alpine 3342 processor and 1 Farad cap.
My system is an Epiphany...professionally sweet...and when not in painful threshold it makes women want to F**K ME!
I'm a real life Han Solo!
I've got to figure out a way to add a couple of more 10s & 12s to my limited space.
Heavy duty construction with Rubber surround is all it takes.
Excursion and pole length? I can't imagine if and when Pyle would make a 13W7 !!!

All of you idiots who think you know everything and spend dollars and still aren't happy...F**K YOU !!

hey han solo,
your system sucks....and im sure i could out thump you. Do you even know how many decibals your pushing(i bet not huh) pushing 178.6. i have 4 Alphasonik 800 series 10's. i have 4 alphasonik 450x2 watt amps (bridged) pushing each sub. and a 500x4 watt Profile amp pushing Alpha tweets and mids. dont say your system is the sh*t if its not.

but i like your car...i have a conv. "69 Camaro....

Wow, 178.6 dB, out of p.o.s. alphasonik and profile. I'm effin impressed, considering you have a couple hundred dollars worth of gear and @ 178.6 dBs you have the loudest vehicle in the world. Simply amazing. LOL

Actually, Alphasonik is the SHIZ now. Not the old bunk sheet but the new amps and subs. Yeah, the amps with the usage clock and the 800 series subs. But 178? I don't know...

somebody gave me a CRAIG Powerplay Amp. 160 WATT model number MA210. I need the schematics. Where, when and who? I don't want to spend money on anything, not even on a new stereo.

I have a dick and that's cool

Yo Daddy
I cans out thumps all you ho's, I be gottens 8 15" Realistics with 4 pyramid gold series 10". I gots one 1000 watt craco and a 500 watt sparkomatic. I gots a Sherwood equalizer with a mustang receiver cassette.

Im in the process of buying some new alphasonic amps, but i cant find any product reviews on the web. Im not sure if the sales rep is trying to sell me crap or what. Can anyone tell pro/cons of the new alphasonic amps pma-2075 and pma-2500? Anything at all would be helpful.

I have a system that was given to me by my brother in law for my camaro it has 2 alphasonik PMA-2100e amps drivin 2 12" pyle subs can anyone give me the specs on the amps?

Can anyone help me about, i have a 1988 alphasonik PMA-2300 and i was wondering if that amp is good or what and if anyone know how to bridge it.

Hello I have 2 Rockford Fasgate 12 dvc 500 watts rms i want to know if i can wire them in parallel/series mode and then connect them by bridging my kenwood 600 amp. this web site show how i would like to install my subs its the first box under the dvc section.

I inherited an Alphasonik PAS 1060 amp and am thinking of hooking it up to an Alpine head unit that has two banks of RCA plugs.

My problem is that I don't have a wiring diagram for the amp.

On the amp there are two sets of RCA imputs (1 input, 1 bypass) and on the plug in terminal 1 green, 1 grey, 1 yellow, 1 white and 1 purple wire.

It also has a red, black and orange coming directly from the amp.

Can anyone tell me how to hook this up to my deck and whether this amp is for regular 6 x 9's or for a sub????

Thanks in advance.


RCA from head unit to INPUT
you can run from the BYPASS to another amp if wanted..leave unplugged if not

Red = battery(+)
black = ground(-)
orange = kick-on(+)

The yellow and white are your high inputs (don't use) Then you should have grey blue brown and green for speaker output.. see posting above. The colors can fade and change with time, try looking up in the connector. As for power, I have no idea what the 1060 was but it was apparently pre 'Pulse Modulation'. Would probably be OK on a real efficient sub but best for powering some 3-way 6x9s.

I would like to know what's better for deep better bass Amp? Alphasonic or Rockford Fosgate...and in subz....Kicker or Alphasonic?Holla Back

saucer freak

Use the alphasonic for mids and highs since it's a nice clean amp (and spec'd at 12 volts DC)....

Use the brutish Rockford for the Subs.

The Rockford probably has a stiffer power supply then the alpha which is nice for hard quick hits.

I need the wiring diagram for a old alphsonik model mas-1100 and how much wattage it is.

I have a 4x25 sherwood, I want to hook it up to my 4 stock speakers. My cd deck has rca outputs but my question is how do i hook up my radio to the amp, on the amp there are 4 seperate rca inputs for each of the 4 channels? Also if i decided to use a equalizer how would it be configured?

Hey foo's...i could out pound all of you guys...i got 4 15" Alpine SWS 1541D's and 2 10" Alpine SWS 1041D's and 2 12" SWS 1241D's to bring out the high med and low bass equally....its powered by and oversized alternator, 6 AC Delco batteries, and the 12s are hooked up to a 1200 watt US Acoustics amp, the 10's to a 1000 watt US Acoustics amp, and the 15's to a 2200 watt US Acoustics amp.....its all in the bed of a '97 long box silverado with a 4" suspensoin lift and 36" tires....any of you F**kers want to mud or try and out pound me....bring it...pz

and by the way....ALPHASONIK SUCKS.....

I just got a pair alphasonik tweeters ptw019t y would like to to know if they are any good ?????????? or how is this brand rated

Hey boobietassles your system suck and Acoustic suck you dont know what you talking about. Have you ever enter to a competion if you havnt dont talk. Get little boy.

I have one power amper 18" 2400 watt dual voice sub (2ohm) whats the best way to power it with a mono amp at 2400 watts or a 2 channel at 1200 a channel? is running 2 amps to each coil a bad thing at 1200 rms a piece to each coil... please help...wanna get the most out of the coils...


Yeah I ain't got shyt but a bd1500 and two audiobahn ten's....boobietassles, I think your a fuccing dick, and Alpine is not even near the best, ecspecially if there powered buy U.S Acoustic amps, they suck, and there over rated.
Me and a friend of mine blown up two type-r 12's with a Orion HCCA 2100(my bd1500 hits harder than that 2100)so just shut the fucc up about your big piece of shyt mudder truck with a bunch speakers and amps thrown in the back, and if I ain't loud enough for you, my friend(Justin Higgins) has got two Stoker 18's with two Orion XTR 2250's in his blazer, you ain't the shyt, sorry.......Nicholas

Hi I got a 98 camaro with an alpine cva 1006 deck with 4 6 1/2 alpine type r speakers. 1 alpine v12 75 watts by 4 powering them. And 2 alpine type r woofers with 2 alpine digital mono 1000 watt amps. I seen some guy say alpine isnt the best amp and hes probly right if all your looking for is bass. But when it comes to clarity nothing compares come listen to my digital surround sound movie theater in my car and feel the envy:0) By the way if all you want is to be w wigger and blast bass buy a 32" speaker from soundstream and a 2000 watt turantula amp for it. M&M HAS THIS IN HIS ESCALADE AND ITS SICK!!

does anyone have a good idea on how to get a plug or the wire colors for a 13 pin pioneer cassette plug for the model keh-p5200, I lost the plugg and need to make one.. pioneer web site sucks...

FUcck you all, you do not know sshitt!!!!!!!!, Alpine is the best for all you cheap mother fucckers, that's why you are wrightig in this bull sshit post messages. So peace and keep buying shitt and you will be coming back to this page !!!!!!!!!!!

Biach !!!!!!!!!

Im in the process of buying some new alphasonic subs, an amp, and a capacitor, but i cant find any product reviews on the web. Im not sure if the sales rep is trying to sell me crap or what. Can anyone tell pro/cons of the new alphasonic amp 1000KH and the 800 series Alpha sub model PSW812? And what about capacitors PCP12LED or PCP50LED... Thanks..

Someone mentioned the wiring for the alphasonik, i'm a bit confused


why, does he mention right and left after the gray and brown??

i notice that my two sub are linked in parallel i think, and plugged to only one channel, i think it is the RIGHT, why did the installer do that? why not plug each sub to each channel...

i just got an alphasonik hcx 2100 from a friend and i was wonderin if anybody knew how many watts it was or where to find how many watts it is

Hi all

I need a Pioneer KEH-P5200(RDS) radio schematics and/or owner manual please, becuse my car radio does nozt work correctly :( Sombedody pls .help me via e-mail :)

Bass Thrust
Hey Boobietassles,
For your info, Alphasonik = US Acoustic...they're the same company. So, by your reasoning, your US Acoustic amp(s) suck also.

Sunday, April 13, 2003 - 05:15 pm
and by the way....ALPHASONIK SUCKS.....

I have an Alphasonik HCX-2050 amplifier and I was wondering if anybody knew how many watts it can handle...thanks...e-mail me please

Bass Thrust
50x2 @ 4 Ohms
75x2 @ 2 Ohms
150x1 @ 4 Ohms

i need help installing a capacitor

When we talk clarity the best speakers to use are Beyma. I have 4 8" beymas on my deck and 4 6" beymas in the front of my 95 mustang (2 on the door and 2 in the kick panels) with each pair of 6" beymas powered by a 400 watt Fosgate punch series amp (the old models are the best). and the 8" beymas are powered by the fosgate 800 watt punch amp by pairs. not to forget my 2 15" memphis mojo's powered each by auto teks Mean Machine. Check da price on dat amp and we'll see what's really good. Top This.

i have a 98 chevy camaro and i was wondering if anyone knew how to wire a new cd player in im having a problem with the wires not being the correct color to the new cd player and i cant find any help do any of you know i need to find the power the ground and the memory any help would be appreciated

boobietassles know..for your information..anonymous faggits...ive won 7 different sound offs and have all 7 1st place trophys...and ive won over 10 grand in private i will talk..and you can get little boy..doush bag..i wouldnt kock off if you dont know wat your talking about mother fuccer...if you saw it/heard it...youd shitt your pusssy bearing pants..and i would crush you with my dont kock off...and im sure jason higgins or watever is cool shitt but Stoker tell him to switch to alpine...Alpine Is The many times do i have to tell you ppl that..if you have the $$ shitt biatch
thoinks and fucc yall..PS.BassThrust ..alphasonik SUBS are acoustics amps rule

and my alpines are Type S....fucck the type R's i have S....and i guarantee your not loud enough for me....either is kiss my a$$ nikki..fuccker..

ohh and one more thing....nikki boy..
i am the shitt....and you are a little pi$$ ant..
pz out a$$ eaters

big subs
youre all stupid alpine is good and better than alphasonik but it sucks compared to JL, 2 W7 are way louder than 2 even 3 type Rs Type S suck if you claim you have money why not get type Rs at least. JL W7 rules everybody you say alpine is good please Ifinity pervects are better too

who it is
the onlt thing i have to say is get audiobahn subs

hi i was wonderring if any one knew were i could find out info on the orion 2100 hcca. And also find instalation manules 4 it as well

sorry but type s's and type r's cost the same amount of money so i dont know what ether of use are talking about

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooo iiiiiiissssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee ttttttttttthhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee

hi i was wonderring if any one knew were i could find out info on the orion 2100 hcca. And also find instalation manules 4 it as well

I need info about the plugs on an older alpine preamp that powers two poweramps. I want to wire a head unit to it but have not been able to find out what pins do what. Any ideas???

boobietassles you succkkkkkkk , if you g=had the money you woound't be waisting your time in this message board, you would be polishing your imaginary system which eats shitt, alpone is expensive and it's all the same alphasonik.

Keep spending you petty cash on worthless pieces of garbage.

Scarface 4 Life Biatch!@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boobietassles talks a lot about having big bass. well if you have two 15's, two 12's, and two 10's, then of course you'll be loud. even if those subs were cheap brands, they would still be loud just because there's a bunch of them. but i'm willing to bet that i can beat all of those weak type s subs to the ground with just one pair of 12" resonant engineerings x.x.x. subs. Now those are real subs. Nobody can beat them. The only time I lost at an spl contest was against a guy who had a pair of 15" x.x.x. subs.

boobietassels said: "4 15" Alpine SWS 1541D's and 2 10" Alpine SWS 1041D's and 2 12" SWS 1241D's to bring out the high med and low bass equally...."

This is an interesting concept you have dreamed up. Apparently noone told you that the size of the driver has nothing to do with it's frequency response, only volume. A 10" sub in it's proper cabinet and a 15" sub of the same design (like the ones you claim to have) in it's proper cabinet will produce the same range of sound. The only difference is that the 15's will be louder. The cone moves air, bigger cones move more air...volume is the only universal difference in subwoofers.

I don't think I've ever met anyone so fond of tooting their own horn.

Do you guys think this saying is just as true with audio systems as it is with the male anatomy?
*he who brags the most has the least*

You don't impress anyone boobietassels, your ignorance on the topic and arrogance in general make you seem like a 15 year old who has a chip on his shoulder. Grow up 'eh?

Hey, I'm an old school audiophile in search of three Orion Red 2100 HCCA amps. If anyone knows the whereabouts or means of obtaining any please send me an e mail at SWM24LA@AOL.COM
super dave

I want to power my 10" mtx sub with my Alphasonik HCX-2050 and was wondering if anyone knew how to set this amp up to mono and how many watts i will get at 4 ohms email me at if you know how to do this

HCX-2050 in mono
i got an email reply from Alphasonik telling me hot to run a HCX-2050 amp in mono for anyone looking for this info here it is

" In order to run the HCX-2050 in mono mode it has to be a 4ohm load. The
wiring to run the amplifier in mono mode is
Power ratings at 4ohm mono is 150watts RMS"

Most of you guys have baby systems. I have 4 mtx rfl competition 15"subs fully powered by 1 mtx Thunder1501D at 1500watts by 1 channel for each sub with 2 spare batteries,solar charger, and an alternator bypass and im only 17 all this is in the trunk of my 1990 lincoln continetal with steel re-inforced windows and no back seat.If i ever put it up half way it will stop your heart beat that.this is a real competition system

what was the point of posting that up? we're here to help each other, not put each other's systems down. besides, i'd blow those four 15 mtx subs out of the water with only two 12" resonant engineerings x.x.x. subs. i only have a sinfoni 150 watt amp hooked up to each one and i'll still beat you in a competition anyday. if you don't believe me,then do some research on my setup. i can hit 160 db no sweat with a linear x meter.

"2 spare batteries,solar charger, and an alternator bypass"

What are you talking about Havok? You added batteries (more load on the charging system), a solar charger (2amps MAX), and you bypassed your alternator???? WHY would you do this?

"and im only 17"

Oh, that explains it.

"steel re-inforced windows"

ROFLMAO! This is a new and boobietassles would probably entertain each other for hours on end with these stories.

I put my $20 on Teflon... heck, I'd put my $20 on Teflon's system if he removed one of his amps. Of course that solar charger probably makes Havok's system twice what it should be *laffs*

wow, im just plain amused...LOL



sorry had to get that out of my system. funny stuff.

hi umm i was bored one day and started throwing junk into my moms car for kicks cuz my friend keeps inheriting all this stereo stuff so i keep adding it into my moms car so far a have 2 12" pyrmaid subs i know they suck but im upgrading to rockfords in a month or so and i have a sherwood 400 watt amp powering them with a kenwood 80 watt equalizer on a pair of jbl 6x9's now heres my problem i have a alphasonik pas-1060 and i have no idea what the colors mean heres the color wires running out red black orange white yellow gray purple and green what goes to what any help would be greatly appreciated alos if you have any ideas on how to make improve the system with what ive listed i would also appreciate that greatly!! thanks alot

New at all this,looking for wiring diagram for sherwood JCP1002 amp can anyone help ? THANKS.

would any one know how to connect a red orion hcca 2100 or wher to find the instillation manuels for it on the web. thanks

Anynomous, that HCCA-2100 will need my personal inspection and testing. You should sent it to me at ...

LOL, I always wanted that amp~!

The connections should be well marked, what are you having problems with?

I am looking for a wiring diagram for an alphasonik autosub AS-2001.

the car group i'm in just got sponsored by a guy that sells alphasonik. I could probably get some of you hooked up with him. E-mail me.

Need the wiring for a CRAIG Powerplay Booster 50 watts Car Amp.

Can anyone help??

Out of 78 posts, only three deal with the subject of "Alphasonik PMA-2050i Amp Wiring Diagram"


my alphasonik 800hc 1 channel amp has 2 12' solobarics pushing 2900 in 1 ohm with a rockford 300s hitting my hi and mids all rocks

HA HA HA HA all of you little bragers thinks yall stuff rocks... well im here to tell you that i am running 4 jlaudio 13.5 w7s alnog with 4 jlaudio 1000/1's along with 4 extra batteries along with the new rockfordfosgate 100 farad capacitor along wiht a 230 amp alternator..... and IT is loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus kills all of you guys sound quality. also you lil poor dudes with your 10s and 12s that sound like pure spl trash hahah wish ya had my system! lol also im only a daily driver so just incase you was gana say somthing i dont compete!! oh yeah and rfls sound like butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am new at systems starting simple 2 10" JL audios 600 watt Jensen Amp need to know the whole work on hooking up from Battery Subs and ampThanks.

TO logan wilson

Nice try man, if you don't compete, your worthless, because you cheap jbl's and fosgate don't compare to quality, it's nice to spend 2000 for biggener, when you have a little more cash to spend you can open that mouth and compete, just holla at me, any time, anywhere any place, I blow blow your truck, van or car away.


Scarface Spoken!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate stupid people that brag
TO scarface

"Nice try man, if you don't compete, YOUR worthless, because YOU cheap JBL'S and fosgate don't compare to quality, it's nice to spend 2000 for BIGGENER, when you have a little more cash to spend you can open that mouth and compete, just HOLLA at me, any time, anywhere any place, I BLOW BLOW your truck, van or car away.


Scarface Spoken!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUR ..."your" shows posession, "you're" is short for 'you are'.
YOU ..."you" is an ebonics term here, English dictates using "you're" in this case.
JBL'S ..."jbl's" shows posession (or short for 'jbl is') I think you meant to just say "JBL"
BIGGENER ...can we say brainless moron?
HOLLA ...more ebonics 'eh?
BLOW BLOW ...are you really looking so forward to blowing him that you have to say it twice?
"Scarface Spoken!!!!!!!!!!!" ...if that's what you call it.

Go back to school, reach the IQ of the average 7th grader, come back and try again.

im in search of a orion red2100 if u no where i can find one pleace email me at

someone help me im in search of a orion red2100 if u no where i can find one pleace email me at

Why the F**K you all are fighting , its a f**kin helpin thread not a "SHow ME what you have baby ".

Be kind enough to help and share.

Cheeers !!!!

You guys need to discover Kove Audio and U.S. amps none of this alpine and alphasonik and he has Jl audio W7's not JBL

that "red2100" is actually called the Orion 2100 HCCA.
It's rated at 100 watts RMS x 2 @ 4 Ohms, and is stable down to one Ohm. These amps sold for about $2,000 US back in 1991.
Try eBay, and search for keywords "Orion HCCA"
Very nice class-A/B amplifier by the way, but you had better have a pretty serious alternator to handle that puppy.
I've got several Orions myself, and they need good current flow to work well.

Circuit City is selling an Alphasonic car amp/woofer/box kit. Does anyone know anything about this manufacturer?
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