Kicker kx800.2


hey guys i just purchased a kicker kx 800.2 amp.and i would like to know where is the best place to hook my ground toon a 92 jeep cherokee .and also i am hookinh up a second amp for highs ,should i run the same 4 gauge wire that comes from the battery to the second amp with a splitter ?or should i runs a seperate 4 gauge wire for the second amp?
thanks lou!

the ground can go any bare metal where it makes contact with the chasis. use separate 4 gauge wire for the 800.2 because it's going to need all the power it can get. it's a very powerful amp and needs a lot of current to hit properly. how many watts is the other amp? if it's less than 500 than it only needs 8 gauge wire.
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