Some advice please


Hey there. Im new to the whole car audio thing.
Im currently looking at buying an amp and sub/s for my car. Ive been looking at the Audiobahn A8002T 800w 2 channel amp and also a lanzar vibe268 2000 watt 2 channel amp. Which is the better of the two? which is more powerful? Or could u recommend better for less than $200? And would a 2 channel amp do the whole setup or would i need a 2nd for speakers? Should i go for one sub or two? And what (reasonably priced) sub/s should i go for to match the amp?
Sorry bout all the questions and thanks so much to anyone who can give some advice. Cheers

allright first of all you can't run one amp for subs and speakers in your car off of only 2 channels.... its impossible. but it also really depends on if you want your subs to really thump or not. for amps I'd go with rf (rockford fosgate). I personally like them the most and they have pretty darn good power. if you want your system to really thump I'd go with two subs and a 2 channel amp. if your gonna get a less thumping system then one sub and a mono (1 channel) amp. go on to ebay motors or ebay stores and you can find lots of great amps and subs really cheap. thats where I got all my stuff. but don't get sony or any cheapo sub... stick with the stuff that really works like.... once again rockford fosgate. their subs are nice. but when looking for subs I assume you know what to look for. ie... frequency response, max power and rms power, ohm rating etc, etc , etc. make sure you make the amp power match up to your rms sub rating. the amps power can be higher but you don't want to run the max power that most subs are advertised at. hope this helps some... if not then oh well haha. peace
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