Spl . how much ?


Hi,I got my first car from about 6 month, its a 1995 KIA SEPHIA :-),a grandmother use to drive it befor I bought it,but the problem is,i turned this car to hell.i have 2 5.25(75watt RMS)at the doors , 2 6.5 rear(100watt rms)
2 12"subwoofers(700watt rms) in the trunck,and 6 6X9(300watt rms) speakers right behing the back seat ((the back seats flips) + 12 tweeters ,
(ok some will think that this is bullshit,but thats ok , ;),and the question is,how many SPL do i have in my car ?

U a KIA!!!! WTF are u thinking....ur worst the the guy dropping a 4000$ system in his CRX....

istead fo wasting moey on a system buy a good car first....

Not much cuz you must have a lot of canselation going on in there can't have as many speakers in a small place like that.

Jetta Gli
yeah, buy a car man

I have a Corsica with 2 "12" subs and a 1000W 2 channel amp plus 2 "4*6"'s about how much is my Spl do you think i have my box is 4 foot wide 3 foot long and 15 inches high I plan on adding 2 more 12's is why i made it so big

Find out what your 12" driver sensitivity is and add 30 db to it (1000 watts is 30 db above 1 watt). Add 3 db if the woofers are wired in parallel. Add 0 db if they are wired in series. Add 3 more db if you get all four woofers to work in parallel and the amp doesn't blow up :)

I think i'd stick with the Kia over a Jetta GLI. Jetta's are marketed towards rainbow lovers. I don't think they should be giving advice on what car to drive?!?! You should think before you talk!!! Just my two cents!!!!

If you guys want to know your SPL go to a DB Drag and you can get it measured. Or usually the day before the event they have a test and tune where you can test it for free.

I have one 10" kicker solobaric in a large vented box behind the seat of my standard cab F150 and it sounds great. I it clean and loud. I have gone to a couple SPL compitions and I have got it up to 142.3 DB. And it is oly getting 300 watts RMS and 600 Peak.

Buy a REAL car ! ! ! !, dont waste your money in that car

inorder to measure SPL you need a meter, play a sweep, which is a tune of different cycles ranging from 100-10 or what ever sounds good with your system, place the meter inside your car at one point when your ears begin to bleed if you have no ear plugs, you will hit a high point in your SPL levels if any. then you record your score which will most likely be in the lower 130's if your lucky and there ya go
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