Car Audio Equipment for In-Home Use


Ok, I know this is possible, I've heard of it being done before at least. How do you convert the power supply to a car reciever to accept power from a wall outlet? I have a room in my house that is car themed and I thought this would be a cool way to set it off. I appreciate your help! Thanks, Matt

Buddy, you don't want to. car stereo stuff is optimized for use in cars. also it is a pain in the bum and costs more money than it is worth to do. The truth is if you were to go to a pawn shop you could probably get all separate components and some alright speakers for about $150. and even a brand new amplified 10" home sub only costs $100

Yep, i agree with akai, but.. if u really want 2 use an car receiver in home, the only important thing u need is a good 12V DC Power Supply!
The 12VDC output needs 2 be stabilized. The current of the Power Supply depents on which car radio/speakers u gonna use.

alan Herrington
I am using a car battery to run my amp for my subs, but how can i hook the head unit up to the battery? there are 3 power wires and im not sure how u trick the ignition wire, i dont wanna mess it up. any advice?

Stone Cold
maybe, if you cant afford a car! Otherwise its dangerous and stupid.
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