How hot should a amp get?


I have a sony xplod 1000W amp. The amp is bridged so i get 400W @ 4 ohms. the amp is 4 ohm stable, but the amp gets really hot, i have the amp mounted to my sub box, and i only have a 8 gauge wire running it, when i turn up the volume to 40 it sometimes cuts out then starts back up again is this a sign of my amp overheating because it gets to the point that its so hot i cant touch it.the subs are jl audio 12" W0.

how do u have your subs wired to it? is the amp seeing a 4 ohm load? sounds like you're running it at too low of a load. Try un bridging it and running one channel to each sub

make sure that your amp is on a very level surface, with nothing in the way of it

I have the same amp and the same problem. Apperantly this Sony amp is not made for subwoofers just regular speakers. My amp gets extremely hot after only a couple of minutes.
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