Help with 2 12" Alpine Type R 1241D


hey i just got 2 12" alpine type r 1241D subs and they are each 4ohm+4ohm. I am looking into getting a mono amp. I have been told that these put out 300 rms and 500 rms which is the right one? and also when looking for a mono amp do I want to look at the 2 ohm rms or the 4 ohm rms and if anyone has any good suggestions for an inexpensive decent amp let me know

there's too many threads on this topic.

wire your subs in series and then parallel to each other. this would make them 2 ohms each. get a jbl 1200.1 if you're on a budget. it will work well with those subs.

Teflon, maybe we should setup a website with images showing how to wire up parallel and series and explain the effects of each.

I have like 20Mb of space allotment with my ISP, I may set that up so we can just point people at it...

that's a good idea. it's getting tiring explaining it repeatedly. rockford and alpine explain on their sites i think.

Yeah, RF has wiring wizard.
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