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Figure this is a stupid question, but when setting the gains for 2 amps that are strapped together, would the voltage be the same as for one amp, i.e. ~30volts?

and another seemingly dumb question, both amps have to be set exactly the same correct? there isn't like one amp that would function as the "primary" and the other as a "secondary" right?

Can I use a dist block for ground as well as the power, not together, seperate dist blocks for power and ground?

Only one set of RCAs goes to the HU correct?

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With most strappable amps (like my 20.1's), you have a 'master' and a 'slave'.

You run RCAs from the HU to the 'master' and a single RCA jumper to the 'slave'. You then use the controls on the 'master' and it controls everything.

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are u sure there strappable if theres no master or slave? ive never seen ones that dont, but then again its not really something you look for.

what amps are they?

with my EDs i do the same thing that canaan said.

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RD 1000.1D's

I was thinking there would be a "master and slave" but wasn't sure, which is why I asked if you would set both amps the same.

and what about the dist block? I know everyone suggests running seperate wires for each amp, but would it hurt anything to dist the ground and dist the power?

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You just need to make sure you have heavy enough wire to handle the current required by both amps.
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