Results of audioque 2.5 12 vs digital designs 3512


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The digial design 3512 hit 144.2 db at 700 rms at full set volume of 21 on the cd player and the audioque 2.5 12 hit 144.9 db at 19 volume out of 21 on the cd player (less than 700 rms)....from what we can tell the digital design 3512 could hit 1.5 db more or so given 1200 rms but ourstock battery and stock alternator 130 amp cant give enough to produce the 1200 rms out of the amp .....these results were in the exact same box port tuned to 54 hz but the audioque hit its spl below port tune (53 hz wierd) and the digital design did its best spl at 55 long story short if you dont have the charging to give a higher power handling sub you might want to think twice

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the audioque will take the full 700 we think for one burp and should put us at least at a 145.2 db

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Was the DD3512 brand new? If so, give it some time to loosen up. W/ that amount of power, the DD will get alil louder once it loosens up some. :-)

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it was a 2006 just flat out needs more power.....I can see it doin about a 146 db on the full 1200 rms

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damn good score for a single sub & with low power too ...


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I'm tellin you. My 2 sd2.5 12's on 400rms each, banged so hard. They were tuned to 32Hz, in a 4.6CuFt enclosure. My 2nd favorite system I've had...I would have no problem running them again. I've seriously thought about selling my Q's and getting 4 of them.

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i am gonna get the que up to 146, just wait its coming
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