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Advice on amp needed Please yea right1
HELP pleaseJevon Staffieri6
Type RF ampsPatrick Lorenz4
Need some helpPatrick Lorenz3
GLASSWOLF......need some amp/sub adviceKevin6
Alpine MRD-M1000joao ferreira4
AMP Popping sound? Please Help. This is driving me Nuts!!!joao ferreira4
Amp rackGlassWolf3
What AMP goes good with two Alpine Type R subs?kerhg109
Help needed on zobeljoao ferreira13
GTO-4000air2da throne2
Mono MTX 421D --> how to wire up 2 DVC subs?!?dave12
Can a car amplifier amplify a signsl other than the one coming out ...Yuriy5
Alpine MTX Question Please Help!!Bob5
Wet ampjoao ferreira8
MTX Thunder684 vs. Alpine amps Ashok Harris6
Alpine versus MTX D Class Mono block amps GlassWolf2
Eclipse Amp Acts UpGlassWolf10
What type of amp should I get?C B9
Powering a Adire Shiva?Heresy2091
Help please with Amp and sub power Warped4175
Amp Gain Problems!GlassWolf6
Best 18'sBrian James Moon4
Audiobahn contraverseyAnonymous12
Powering Ampsnathan dawson5
Help With Choosing AmpJohn Smith8
Jl 500/1 vs jl 250/1Anonymous2
Wiring IssueAnonymous2
Rockford Amp?GlassWolf3
Good setup?GlassWolf2
Glasswolf amp questionGlassWolf5
Good amp for around $150???GlassWolf14
Cooling fan working but no power lightGlassWolf2
Amp choicePatrick Lorenz5
My Amp is giving me problemsAnonymous4
Anybody use Linear amps??Anonymous8
Ampifier power cablingGlassWolf2
JL 500/1 Power LossGlassWolf21
Class AB vs Class Tjoao ferreira5
Mono amps and hookups?Stick11
Amp power disturbutionGlassWolf3
Rockford p3001 amp/?H G2
Please HelpAnonymous11
Blown ampjamie1
Everything is shaking?Jonathan4
What amp for 2 rf punch hx2?Joey9
Futura ampjoao ferreira2
I need a lil help....highroller3
Good, clean, small amp for rear fill only ?its_bacon124
Ground Wire joao ferreira5
New setupjoao ferreira2
Seeking audio advice (jl amps, boston amp, etc.)GlassWolf4
JL 500/1JayJ10
Which amp will work?Jason Mays3
Whats a good amp?GlassWolf8
MA Audio HK802SXblooo3
HelpJason Mays2
How Do Youjas'n may8
Recommend Amp for Infinity Reference Series 12"chris s18
Help - JL 500/1 GlassWolf18
JL 10W0-4GlassWolf4
2 JBL W10GTi what amp would be best match?Jeremiah Johnson6
MTX vs. Rockford FosgateGlassWolf2
How to hook up 4channel amp to 4ohm subs?GlassWolf4
Just starting out, need suggestionsGlassWolf2
How do i wire up 2 amps?!?!?!GlassWolf14
Help Needed!!!!!GlassWolf3
Appropriate amplifiers for my components?Anonymous4
Filter questionGregg K.3
Cant get amp to product soundmarcus7
Smart shopper help neededGlassWolf5
Do I need an amp and what kind?GlassWolf5
Pioneer or Kenwood Amp?GlassWolf3
Amp questionGlassWolf7
Subsonic filter?...GlassWolf4
Wiring QuestionGlassWolf4
Using my car's power amp to drive my MP3 player?Anonymous2
Pop noise when changing tracks on cdRyan Lincul4
Amp for ShivaAnonymous2
Whats...Jason Mays3
Phoenix GoldJonathan4
Space savingJonathan3
Do you think I can?Rudy Sonesacksith6
Cheap JL 500/1JayJ2
Kicker 1200.1 amp or rockford 1051s amp?Anonymous5
Do I need a Power Capacitor?Cappamania130
Please helpjoao ferreira7
Amp Power Lights Flash, Then NothingAnonymous4
Experience with kicker amps?JayJ9
Confused amp wirerAnonymous2
Amp for kicker L7srobbo Biv5
Concept Ampsrick3
Bad groundjamie16
Hifonics ZX6400 4 Channel Amplifier IS this a good amp for my 6x9 ...Jonathan5
If a set of components needs 100w RMS...Jonathan6
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