New S Class Memphis Amps


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If you haven't seen them check them out.

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there no such thing as s class amp.. i hate when manufacturers try to come up with new classes.. all of them are tweaked version of diferent classes...

that is sure a tweaked class D amp with some rip off of the tweaked class T that blaunkput tried to make it standard...

those amps like i said tweaked class D amps.... alot bigger mosfets and switching supplys for better heat dissipation and less need of a big heatsink so they can use a small heatsink as those supposed class S....

memphis makes good things but this series has to go...

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Rob you need to take a amplification class in electronics, and learn the different types of amplification circuits... they dont just make this stuff up..

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They are Class D amps, they just don't take up much Space.. Prolly what the S is for in Sclass but i don't really know

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Kang, why are you here? I thought you didnt like "ecousdicks".

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No i like it, i call it that cause, they way how they go in maintenance mode so many times a week and always in high times.. they are Ecousdicks..

But i like it here, i even like the people.. even the ones that don;t like me lol.. The OT and post can be pretty funny

I don't here as often as i used to tho.. to busy now

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busy bein a G...


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^lmao wtf?

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I remember when Yanks said that I did not have a picture of him, and that I was never going to own him.



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vosburger u got some awesome skills lol

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you son of b1tch

lol jk bud....can barely even tell it looks like me lol

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The same shape as the Alpine ones....$700 for 1krms anyone.

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hold up i jus noticed something,the dude is holdin up a westside sign but yet hes wearin a New York Mets hat. wtf? wut a poser

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It IS an Alpine. Well the board anyway.

Good eye Mike.

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They say class d right on the website
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