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I have a 2,400 watt Rockford Fosgate amp and was wondering what kind of capacitor should I get? How many farads should it have minimum? Any help would be appreciated.

well, if you are going to get a cap, i'd recommend a 5 farad cap for that application, you usually want to go 500 watts per farad. a better option than getting a cap would be to get a high CCA battery like an optima yellow-top and some new higher Gauge wiring for your alternator and battery. all a cap does, is stiffen voltage rails, that is why it is called a "stiffening" capacitator. you will only give yourself 5-10 amps of current extra with a cap, and a higher CCA battery will do a lot more for you, and they can also be run to empty and are still rechargable.

should i also upgrade my alternator?

well if you have an amp that is really putting out that amount of power, yes, i would recommend an alternator upgrade. 200 amp alternator would be best, but you could get by with 160-180 amps. any upgrade would be better than what you already have obviously.

if you want more help on a bigger forum with more people that know what they are doing. check out
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