110-amp alternator for 140-amp system?


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Hey, so here's the first post:-)

..My car has either a 110 or 120-amp alternator stock. System I plan to put in will draw 140-amps, though. Should I be ok?

Also, seems from the other posts I read that nobody here is really "big on" caps. Is the "gist" of it all that caps help with storing energy when the car is off? or did i miss the whole story?

I might as well ask this, too.. 4-awg wire should be sufficient for this setup, right? 140-amps? Probably will not use more than 10' of wire for an ~1250W RMS total system.

Thanks for the input guys'.

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use 0 gauge....

is that 140 amps draw with or without all your power options that normally run when the car is on...

capacitor will only really do what it's supposed to do if you have a HO alternator and one or more high capacity batterie

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you will be fine with that alternator. watch your voltage and dont let it go under 13ish (watch it by controlling volume level).
A capacitor will help imo but some dont think so. If you are only getting 10 feet you might as well get 0 gauge incase you want to upgrade your alternator and system later... imo

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thanks for the input.. just bought a 3.0F cap in case it helps any. so, i guess i'll run 2awg to the cap, to dist. block, and then run 4 awg from the dist. block to the two amps. that should be ok, right?

the 140 "amps draw" is w/o anything car-related (or rather, just the amp draw).. lol

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With a 110A alt and 1250w I think you're somewhere between - perfectly fine, and should work ok.

A cap will stabilize voltage a little bit when the engine's on and the systems beating hard.
It doesn't lighten any load or make any thing sound better or play louder. Basically instead of bouncing between 12.5 and 14.4v you might get 12.7-14.2 -- what good that does is the question. IMO no benefit at all.
With the engine off and the system playing a cap is just a parasite.
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