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Can any of you give me your opinions on Rockford Fosgate's Type RF amps. Fosgate claims they are the best amps ever made. I'm trying to decide between 2 Type RF X5 amps or a 2 JL Audio 500/1 amps to power 2 15 inch Kicker Comp VR subs. Thanks in advance.

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In my humble opinion the Fosgate Type RF amplifiers are the best that money can buy. They have a totally different look, they produce double their rated power, and they are built strictly for competition and sound quality. They are not just bass heavy amplifiers like the JL Audio. They are a bit pricey though. I think they are better than the JL Audio amplifiers. The only thing better about JL Audio amplifiers are that they can produce full power anywhere between 1.5 and 4 ohms. I honestly think that one Type RF X5 amplifier will be too much power for a 15 inch Kicker Comp VR sub. That sub is only rated at 500 watts RMS and that X5 amp will pump out close to 1000 watts wired parallel for a 2 ohm load. If you really like the Type RF amplifiers you should also give a look at Zapco's CK series amplifiers they are just as good and powerful in about the same price range. But either amplifier you choose that sounds like a kick a&& system. Which I could afford a Type RF amplifier.

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Okay heres the inside scoop on the TYPE RF amps. When they first came out in 2002 Rockford Fosgate had all kinds of problems and complaints about them. So much so that Fosgate decided to stop selling them for almost a year. One of the major problems was that the first batch of TYPE RF amplifiers didn't put out what they were rated at and you couldn't control the amplifier from your head unit. Now in late 2003 they have totally revamed the TYPE RF amplifiers and they claim to have all the bugs worked out this time. If you read the fine print on Rockford Fosgate's website it says "Type RF amplifiers are the best amplifiers WE have ever made" it doesn't say they are the best amplifiers ever. To this end no company can claim to have the best amplifiers. Everyone has their own personal listening taste and everyone's ears are different. Rockford Fosgate knows this so they have designed the TYPE RF amplifiers so you can fine tune them to suit your listening taste. Which on most regular amplifiers you can not do. That's the only real big advantage TYPE RF amplifiers have. JL Audio amplifiers I believe you can fine tune them too but not to the extent that you can with a TYPE RF amp. Personally I wouldn't spend the money for a TYPE RF amplifier they are top of the line but the price is overkill. Soundstream Van Gogh amps, Zapco amps, and Kicker's new SX series amps are all just as good and cheaper than Fosgate's TYPE RF's. Just my 2 cents. Good luck and if you buy a TYPE RF please let us see some pictures of your install.

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Rockford Fosgate makes great products. There AMP's i particularly like because of the quality. If you buy an RF AMP you will have it for a long long time. RF is great stuff, i highly suggest there products.
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