Hey guys guess what


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heres a little story for all of you, i dont know why, but i feel like sharing. so, last night, i went to bed at about midnight, and i couldnt really sleep because there is this paper that i have been needing to write for school. needs to be about 5 pages. and right now i am in forida for 2 weeks and the LAST thing i want to do is write a 5 page paper when the weather is beautiful and im 5 feet away from the beach. so somehow last night i woke up at like 1230 and was inspired to write this paper, i wrote the whole thing, stayed up until 4, and this was the best paper i had ever written in my life. it was the first time that i actually didnt mi9nd doing homework, and i wrote a dam good paper. so finally all the stress is off my shoulders.

i was so dam happy

today i wake up, and to make a long story short, my computer had some problems, and i lost EVERYTHING. ive had this computer for 2.5 years, and EVERYTHING gone, all my good deal websites for car audio, all my music, all the info for the business i started with my friends, allllll gone. and this is right after i wrote the best paper of my life


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damn thats f.D up

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that sucks man! see if you can do a system restore.

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From now on always be sure to E-mail yourself your papers.I always do just in case something like that happens.

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yeah .... now i learned the hard way

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mail the hard drive to whoever makes the computer and see if they can get the sh!t of the hard drive

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What do you mean by "my computer had some problems, and i lost EVERYTHING". Did your hard drive die or what exactly happened?
I know of ways to recover your hard drive(s) so let us know the details. Remember that your data is not actually "gone" until the hard drive is physically destroyed, in almost all cases.

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that's what u get for taking a break from ur paper to jack off to some pornies

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haha well heres what happened

i have an apple computer......

so it may be different, but i made a new username and it was giving me problems so i deleted it. but when i deleted the new user name account for my compueter, it like....erased all my stuff off of my master account, but some stuff stayed, like AIM and word....but everything else....gone

im taking it to apple now

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Oh... they will be able to show you how to fix that. I thought you had a meltdown.

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Sorry to hear. I personally BU my documents folder about once a month to an external, so if I do have a problem, I don't lose the whole smash. Those flash drives are great as well, and very cheap now.

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rofl at andrizzle

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That sucks...external hard drive they are pretty cheap now

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here is what happened

on apple computers when u make your user name for your account, you have a name, and and a short name. for the past years i have had the user name of Blaine Westropp, with a short name of blaine (i dont really know what the "short names" are used for)

so today i made another acount with a user name of blaine, and a short name of blaine. (the computer selects the short name to be the first word of the regular user name). because of the fact that both accounts had the same short name, my computer jumbled them together, and thought that each account was the other. my original user name of blaine westropp had characteristics of a brand new account.

so therefore when i deleted the new user name, it deleted everything on my computer

its unfixable


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Dude all those RED smileys hurt my eyes ......

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thats what that p orn does to ya
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