HU still skips


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So I just got done installing a new stereo kit and my HU still skips above volume 14....Eh. And the main thing is, its secured really tight. Tighter than before.

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its your subs man. they are monsters. its too loud berny.

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lmfao indeed :D

haha but seriously, and I did that thing you did, wrap my hu around the stereo kit with electrical tap. and it still skips. I'm pissed.

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haha that sucks i have a similar problem. theres a 12 disk mounted in the trunk and when i give just one havoc 500 watts it'll skip the cd player.

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take it out and put foam all inside around ur cd player till u get a tight fit then tighten it back down there should be so much foam that puttin it back in is a b!tch,

worked for me!

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What Hu do you have...I just have an old pioneer (p6400) and it takes 149s and never skips a beat. I can dam near bite a chunk out of a CD and it will play it. The functions are kinda lacking though...looking at gettin a premier sooner or later.

Have you been metered yet?

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Solid state media players dont skip :D

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its a pioneer p860mp. Its more solid in there before with this new stereo kit but still skips! Starting to feel that its the HU itself.....

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wrap it in dynomat

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^^agreed. i saw that work b4

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Berny, when it skips are you playing a store bought CD or a burned CD? If it's a burned disc, you could try burning it at a slower speed, I don't burn audio CDs faster than 16x. Some CD players have trouble reading discs burned at faster speeds, it has to do with how deep the laser burns the pits into the disc. Newer players usually don't have this type of problem, but it can't hurt to try...
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