Is soundstorm get what you pay for


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I knew a guy that had a soundstorm amp pushing two phoenix platniums, and it hit very hard. My question I see there are some soundstorm amps on ebay for dirt cheap considering the power they are claiming to produce. I believe I remember seeing a list once of amps on this website rated from, recommended to bad, and I think soundstorm was bad, so if it is considered bad what puts it there. Would it be like sony and basically lie about power output, or does it shut off a lot, junk out in three months, have high thd. I hope someone could help me out and let me know if the old saying is true, "things that sound to good to be true usually aren't true"

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Soundstorm ROCKS!!!!

N O T!

It is the equivalent of buying crap like pyramid and pyle.

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i had a soundstorm f2800.....

400 rms by 2 @ 2 ohms

and it powered 2 diamonds pretty nicely....

and it never shut off or anything

if i never heard anything from people on here about soundsorm, i would say it is good...... but i dno if they rate real watts, it sounded like it was powering what it was rated at tho...

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i have no experience with the brand, but in general stick with trusted names in car audio it will save a lot of money down the road

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hey im an amature to this whole car audio thing but i have a soundstorm 900.2 sl bridged into one 10" pioneer ts 2500 spl in a ported box in my explorer....and personally i couldnt give a crap what anybody says that amp makes my sub pound the f$#* out.....thats a good thing...and if your doing a starter system thats perfect...

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They're bad, pure cr4p but what would you expect by putting a 400W rms amp with a 300w rms sub. You're gonna think is awesome but in quality soundstorm s.cks

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I had a soundstorm sub AKA My Baby. And i used to take him everywhere with me. But unfortunatly he had an acident and i had to put him down:-(

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lol. I sh!t you not.

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