Jbl or cerwin vega


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what is better in your openion, a JBL 15" modle W15gti or a Cerwin Vega stroker 15", im not buying my system for another 6 months but im wanting to research what i want before i decide to go on a buying spree

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i had the new Vmax 12.4s and they were very loud, and sounded pretty good considering i had them tuned to like 40 hz..... and i have heard the stroker is really loud, but not geared for much SQ

what do you prefer SPL or SQ?

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the stroker is a pure spl sub, not sure on the jbl, if you are dead set on those 2 i'd probally get the CV, but there are much better subs out there, do you have a budget, amps.

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i think the jbl will soudns ncier but the cerwin vega will sound loduer but not cleaner

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i had a stroker 15 in a sealed box it was loud...i blew it though getting it fixed putting it in a ported box then getting a house amp to push it to piss next door nieghbors off or putting it back in my car till i get the stroker pro 15 ...A Stroker pro 15 wil be in my car sometime next year can't wait any how..

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i want a mix of sound quality and loudness, i already have a jbl of the same series but the 10 inch version and im runing it with a 1400 watt rms amp and it sounds amazing. too bad i dont have a car yet, sucks not being 16 yet. i was asking the question because i was thinking about price, the jbl's are cheaper. im not shure how much im going to spend on my system yet, i dont wanna end up paying to much im hoping to keep it under 2000 dollars and end up with two high excursion 15's and my 10" and then 3 jbl 1400watt rms amps pushing them. and then for speakers i was gunna go with jbl gti series speakers and some form of another jbl amp.
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