How are Speakers and HUs Matched???


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I recently purchased the Alpine 9857 HU for my Nissan Pathfinder that has the Bose System. Despite using an interface, the sound quality is not great.

I am thinking of taking out all the factory speakers and their individual amps and replacing with aftermarket speakers.

I was told by Crutchfield that if I do so, then I should only get speakers that are rated at a max of 35w rms as my HU is 18x4. They said a good rule of thumb is to make sure that the speaker RMS should not exceed 2xHU rms.
Does this sound right to anyone?

Also, I was told by an audio store that if I dont get component speakers and install a separate amp, the life of aftermarket speakers is approx 1 year only! This doesn't sound right to me, does it to you?

I am very thankful to all who can ease my confusion.


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if your looking for sound quality get a nice set of component speakers and a separate amp for them. anything ran off a HU wont be that loud. alpine type s are supposed to be good to run of a HU though

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get a good set of component speakers with an amp for them.
my friend has coax speakers all around front and back ran off the HU, and it doesnt sound too good to me and after about 1 yr and a half one of the speakers sounds "f_ucked." they are alpine something or others.
but get a nice set of component speakers and an amp for them and it shold sound very nice.

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comps and amp to start or you will never get out of the hole you are in:-)
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