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I just got my car and fully intend to audioize it (Y).

I am looking for volume but just as much quality... I have a 12 thou stereo setup in my house so I definitely know a bit about high end gear. If my car is sounds like crap I'll refuse to turn it on regardless of SPL.

I'm thinking maybe like a Boston SPG555 with an Infinity Amp, and maybe a Clarion Deck? I'm a Boston guy so I'm thinkin Boston Z's, but probably just pros, and a Boston amp with the Components..

I am new to car audio and have no idea what sort of power mods to take into account. I also dont really have any means of fabrication at the moment, but I'd like to still have a trunk when my system is done.

Tell me what you guys think!!! Thanks alot!

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so you want SQL correct??

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look for the guy seeling the avalanche and the MB Quart RAA1000....
great great sub and amp combo

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how much power do you wanna run, if it over 800wrms i'd look into upgrading you alt. so i take it your looking for sql subs, i hear those bostons are nice, but some others you might wanna look into are AA, FI, SI, Crystal, RE, DD, ID just to name a couple. for amps i haven't heard much about infinity, so i couldn't say if there good or bad.

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I coudn't find an Avalanche... sry I'm new to this market! I found the RAA 1000, and it doesnt look too bad.

My emphasis is firmly on SQL, but I need a good bit of SPL as well. I'm looking at putting my system together over the next few months, and I'm just trying to get a good feel for things before I make any investments.

I like Boston's SPG555 because, even though it's pricey, it will put out and I won't have to build a huge box. (I will need help building a box, BTW :-)) To power that sub I am looking for a good amp with a high RMS, not just a peak. Keeping price in mind I've been looking at amps with ~500 RMS.

Similarly I'm looking for a good set of Components up front, and a decent set of coax in the back.

My most persistant question right now; what's pros/cons of 2/4 ohm? Is 4 ohm better SPL?
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