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what would happen if i ran 2ga for a ground and 4ga for a power wire, see my brother has a piece of 2ga wire but its only like 13in long, so i was gonna use for my ground then some day upgrade to 2ga power wire, so would running 4ga for power and 2ga for ground hurt the amp, i wouldn't see it would but figured i'd ask anyway. ohh and if makes any difference im only running about 600wrms.

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i dont see it would be a problem. i have 4 gauge ground and 8 gauge power wire and i havnt notice any side effects yet. im hopein to upgrade to 4 gauge soon

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no problems...... if u ran 4ga ground and 2ga power then u might run into some problems but i think ull be fine

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u'll be fine... if u have a greater distance from GROUND upping it to larger guage helps... ur power wire is fine.

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matt u need to upgrade you have to much power going through those. First off if the wire gets 2 hot it's going to melt. Yes i have seen it happen second with small wire your probably choking your amps cause the wire candle handle a to of current through it. So if your amps are getting hot or overheating switch it asap cause your killing them.

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The calculator passed the chart will tell you how much voltage you will drop.

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charlie i havnt had any problems with heat i have a 4 gauge for power but then it splits into 8 gauge for each amplifier. then i use 4 gauge for the grounds because i plan to upgrade the power wire to a bigger gauge the use 4 gauge for the power wires going to the amps.
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