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Ok, i am planning on getting 2 twelve inch Solo Baric L7. But do i get 2 ohm or 4 ohm...i really have no clue what the difference is, and why? Also, what else do i need? I was told a 1600 watt amp and a capacitor, but 1, 2, 4 channel, i have no idea what is the difference and which one is better. If you can help me out i would appreciate it. Also, if you know of anything else im gonna need to get i would appreciate it...thanks

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Just get the 1200 watt mono sub amp from kicker that is stable to 1ohm. You will proly need o get a new alternator so that your electrical system can handle all of this power. As for the subs get the dual 4ohm subs. Wire the voice coils parralel so that each sub gives you a 2ohm load. When you wire the subs in paralel this should present a 1ohm load to your amp. Make sure you get the proper wiring for the amp too because it draws A LOT of current.

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meyers, you dont need a capacitor, they are a waste of money, and dont go out and buy a new alternator unless your lights dim when you drive. i wouldnt really suggest running your amp at 1 ohm. Get the dual 4 ohm subs and wire them to 2 ohms to your amp. I dont know anything about those solo barics or what amps you would need tho. Glasswolf better answer this one. . . .

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you cant wire 2 4ohm DVC subs to 2 ohms. only 4 ohm or 1 ohm. you would have to get 2 2ohm DVC subs to wire them at 2 ohms. most amps are stabele to 2 ohms, but now its becoming more common for more powerful amps(1000 watts+) to be stable at 1 ohm. if u get an amp that is stable at 2 ohms, then get 2 2ohm DVC subs, and if you get an amp stable to 1 ohm, then get 2 4ohm DVC subs.

kicker kx1200.1 would be a good match for those subs. underated amp, 1200 watts rms, more like 1300-1400, and it is stable at 1 ohm.
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