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I just finished with my custom receiversJoseph Kubiak9
JL 18W3Joseph Kubiak3
Two egg installJoseph Kubiak51
$140 Dollars for a sub,What would you get?Joseph Kubiak14
OT: Is this a load of shit?Joseph Kubiak5
10" MOFOMatt Kitzis8
D3's vs aa????shawn3
Amp help and box help for two SX12Mark D12
Sub grillMendon Mafia8
Diamond d3 subsIsaac W.12
Best sysrem for a 2003 F-150 EXT Cabgrant law7
Loudest sub/subs setup at 1000wrmsKenny16
Whats your system?David Lenz31
Box help plzz!!!!Steinkeastg5
Where to buy Assassins??????MuDDy8
OT - Try and get this...MuDDy19
What would be best???? ported, sealed??MuDDy34
New subs and ampThomas Williamson7
Higher tune not louder??? wtf....MuDDy20
What you think.Mr_Kebo12
New box...install....PICSSteinkeastg16
New 12" sqladam1
What if.....MuDDy5
Troy or AlexDavid27
How can i get more out of my system ?Tom Wittenkeller15
Sub hitting backwards!!!blaine westropp8
12" rl-pJes Sakmar5
Life in my handsDustin4
Quick impedance questionmarc9
Amp for subs.Logan9
Type r boxLogan3
Ice cream bassMuDDy5
More SPLJ@Yme17
FS - 12" Crossfire BMFkevin2
Selling a JL W3Brett Nickle4
Would a kicker zx1500 run 2 15 inch l7s good?ty mutlow12
Come on in doctorDrSmithHD310
AHH!!!!!! i need a new boxMuDDy19
15 soundstream dbx tc9 re orionMuDDy11
OT: Ghost Car/|/E/\/\E/|/41
Is this true or not?Johnny Ringo10
OT== Window TintingMuDDy15
So whats everyone up to this weekend???J@Yme11
Kicker cvr Vs. cerwin vega v-maxMuDDy5
What should i get????Deuce Moore9
Formula for getting Le of a sub[Kéviñ_Previé]8
Chooseing a system?MuDDy11
Subwoofer FSMuDDy4
Anted to know how much power u had going to ur hdcome on in doctor lol02GPpIMPIN2
Loud system with a little SQ02GPpIMPIN13
OT=Undercar neons or ledsDarek Fanton7
Upgrading enclosure, please give me advice **helpDaniel Wang3
Couple questionsYanks Fan15
Need Help on Sealed Box QTc jDubb2
Is it just me??Jexx5
ResearchJeff Kockarin4
My neighbor mess-up on his box..Mark S21
Cerwin Vega SubsMuDDy20
Sound Splinter rl-p vs AssassinMuDDy7
Best 10's that dont need more than 400 watts to power them???MuDDy11
Just my luckMuDDy6
Would this be alrite?Yanks Fan4
Acoustical DataMr_Kebo2
Thoughts on thesekevin4
Two 12w3v3 or One 12w6v2 (buying within 2 days)Za Pa37
Decent Subs up tp 150$ eachJames Longo15
New WOW!Logan1
Anyone know how much the re sx 12s r gona costmichael foland6
Diamond d3?kenneth9
Diamond d3?kenneth1
New subs and ampBrandon2
Anyone heard of Pyle Subs?kklagge4
I bet noone knows...kevin12
Box Dimension for JL Audio 12W6v2 - 12" Subwoofer Jexx2
Trade or Keep my T2 12'sRobert Scott11
ChaunceyChauncey Brown11
RE sx 12Chad Lee3
"Darn" lol still stuck beween tha 2.....TJ27
Silk or Titanium TweeterMuDDy21
Last comparisonMuDDy4
What do u think MuDDy2
Preloaded Kicker cvr boxbassman38
A couple questionsMuDDy18
Pics from the compChad Lee5
Crunch amp?Yanks Fan7
Hows this package???marshall white2
Box build for 2-RE12'sAdam9
Matt wong!!!justin ogle1
Sub box helpDUB C5
My sub started to rattleDUB C5
RE XXX fixJexx3
TL systemsJb6
What subMr_Kebo9
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