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'K... So, I didn't adaquately research the whole Audiobahn mess before I planned out my system.

Great way to start a first post, eh?

Anyways, here's the sitch: I've got an Audiobahn A6004T powering four speakers and an A12005DN powering two subs at 2 Ohms. So... The A6004T is fine and stuff, but the A12005DN overheats after being moderately pushed for around 40 minutes. It shuts off for exactly five minutes, then comes back on and will play for another 15 minutes or less, then shut off for another five, etc...

Needless to say, this is annoying.

So, here's my deal: I'm definitely on a budget (which is why Audiobahn initially looked good), and it would be cool to get rid of this problem... So, I was thinking perhaps there's a way to fan cool the amp? Perhaps mount 12V fans on the heatsinks...? Anyone tried this, think it would work, etc...?

Else, and I really don't want to spend too much more money... What amp would you recommend in it's place IF I really HAD to get another one to fix this...

I already have a mutt system, so brand changes or whatever aren't a big deal. Also, I'm pretty happy with the power output of the A12005DN, so keep that in mind if you make a suggestion.

Thanks all.

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whats your budget, and the size amp you need? and yeah you can buy small fans to place near your amp, think i saw some on cardomain for about $8 a piece, but i'd still rather get a better amp.

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Mmm... Considering I could resell the AB for like, $150-ish on eBay... Maybe $200?

Also... Do other amps overheat like Audiobahn...? B/c I notice a lot of 'em don't have fans and stuff... Struck me as kinda weird.

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what subs are you running?

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Audiobahn. :-(
They're alright, though. Pretty happy w/them... I got the dual 12" ported box gig... Supposed to handle 300W RMS each.

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sell everything you have except the 6004
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