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Here's my deal I have 3 alpine type x 12's with 3 jbl bp 1200.1 amps all running at 2 ohms. I have been getting that funny smell(like blown subs)in my car. My whole thing is that my subs show no signs of being blown or partially blown. My amps do seem to get kind of hot eventhough it doesnt feel like they are being pushed past there limits; although it gets pretty hot in my trunk on a 90 degree day.Anybody have any ideas? maybe my amp setting are all goofed and the frequecy is messed up. Anyone with any ideas PLEASE let me know that would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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do u have all the electrical upgrades to handle power those amps properly, cuz if not im thinking maybe your cliping your amps...?

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are your speakers new?

if they arent new and your smelling them your probably burning your voice coil by rubbing it on the side from going past the linear limits

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The subs and amps are all brand new. As far as power upgrades I have 3 2 farad caps for each amp...what is "cliping"?

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the caps wont mean anything if electrical system (alternator and battery) cant even send enough power to them. if anything it will hurt more, than help, by drawing power that you dont really have. the caps dont make your system magically have more power. they have to draw from your electrical system and if your alt cant keep the charge up and your battery is weak, they are draining all the juice you have. your amps are working way harder than they are supposed to, to put out that power.
you can read about clipping on

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So would a sign of clipping be my cap dig. display reading 13.3 volts instead of the normal 12 volts? and would a beefer alternator be necasary? or would I be able to get away with just instaling a optima yellow top battery?

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an extra battery would be all u need actualy sell all your amps get an orion2500d amp and run 2 type X at 1 ohm or if u want 4 type X get the kicker2500.1 hook them in series which would be 2 ohms and u got 4, better to have one amp then 3 id say go with the 1 ohm and 2 subs that be plenty of bass and that smell is prob u workin your new subs too hard turn your gains down to half and work them in before u crank them up

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14.4 volts it has to read if its reading 13.3 when your cars runing u got a problem of its at 13.3 when its off its fine and get rid of all your caps except for 1 all u need is 1 3 farad is good for upto 3500watts so that one yellowtop battery would provide enough juice for that 1 cap but not 3

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"an extra battery would be all u need actualy"

an extra battery instead of ho alt.? stupid. how's an extra battery going to make power for the amps he's running?

"turn your gains down to half"

wtf does that mean? gain is not a volume knob andy

"1 3 farad is good for upto 3500watts"

wrong again. if using a cap., it's 1 farad for every 1000wrms, so for 3500 you'd want a 3.5 or 4 farad cap.
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