Alpine type-R tunning


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Pionner 5800MP
SPL 5.25 components up front
Alpine 6.5 Type-R's in back
Alpine MRP-F450
4/3/2 Channel Power Amplifier
Kenwood 7202 460W RMS/920W Peak
JL Audio 10" W6v2
Raptor 1 Farad digi Cap and 4 gauge goin to the bat.

Alright thats what I am working with first off. I am having a problem with my SPL tweeters sounding really tin-y, or metallic and not being crisp. They overpower the mids even when I tweak the mids so that the EQ is set so that the highs are at -2 and the mids are at +5. Also I am having big problems with my Alpine amp overheating, the gain is at .5 which isn't ridiculous although I think I need a new amp because I don't wanna be having this problem anymore.

And the biggest problem right now is how muddy my alpine type-R's sound. They are really really muddy with hardly any midbass. Its almost as if the way they are set is in the 1kHz to 5kHz range which may be because of how I had to set the headunit to get the SPL tweeters from being so tin-y.

Any and all help would be appreciated. Right now all 4 speakers have their seperate tweeters with their crossover boxes. Which have no settings on them at all and I have been setting everything via the amp and the HU EQ. Which on the pioneer sucks. Least I think. At least with i-personalize I could tweak it a lot more.

The bigger thing is I think I am going to have to run the type-R's off the headunit if the amp keeps overheating. Eventhough I know the amp should be able to easily put out 70W RMS per 4 channels. What a mess. F*$% having to go budget on my system.


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And now after changing the ground and the RCA cables theres still a seriously audible whine whenever I rev my engine. Apprently this is a known problem with some alpine amps but I dunno if I buy that. But apprently its either that or the alternator. Neither of which I would like to replace.

Any info on this would be awesome

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How is the amp over heating? I have the same amp and it gets pretty damn hot but it keeps on keeping on!!

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honestly I don't know. I put a fan on it and it seems fine. I have to remount the amp but it seems to be ok but I still have the problem of this high pitched whine whenever I rev the engine. Its like theres a grounding problem.

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- Noise issue: as you said the noise rev from the Engine so make sure your RCA cable is running separately with the Power cable. Since you have the Digi Cap, so we can eliminate the noise from Power cable to the amp.
As I understand that you have use both of Component for the Front and Rear ?? if yes, try the following settings.
1. Turn off all the Lowpass, highpass or any crossover on Alpine Amp. Since you use Passive Xover box on each of speaker, you don't need to set these option.
2. From your HU set the frequency for channel 1&2 from 90hz to 5Khz. channel 3&4 from 50hz to 5khz

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alright after much testing I found out that apprently the amp is bad.

I hooked up a kenwood and it worked fine. Also hooked up another alpine and it worked fine.

the power and rcas were on opposite sides. So yea very good advice but I suppose I was trying to grapple bad hardware not my setup afterall.

Thanks for the msgs though.
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