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I bought a pair of Kicker S15L5's and a Hifonics BXi1206d pushing 1200w rms @ 1 ohm. I need a sealed box because thats the only way the subs will fit in my car. A friend told me the L5's are going to either rip or blow in no time because of the sealed box. A ported box wont fit in my trunk, and these speakers cost me $700 for the pair, so ne suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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ok.......ur freind doesnt know whut hes talking about......have u ever seen a Drag racing slick on a if you put it on truck will it;........the real reson ppl port is for more....spl.....(loudness) so it can still get loud....porting the box wil make a diff.....but if u aint got room for it.....dont worry bout need to spend more n more money....

whut do u drive.....
Do u know how much airspace each sub needs...

u payed 350$ a peice for those......not to burst ur bubble but u could got sum better subs....n upgraded ur amp for that.....but i dont manna make u dont take it 2 heart just lettin u know....

theres nothing wrong with struggling too...dont have alot of room to play wit....with 2 15's trying to go ported......try the sealed....u prolly b happy neway.....

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700 dollars for L5s? what the hell?? make a return AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

you could get 2 15" L7s for around $480 on ebay, and those would break those L5s in half. lol

and your friend has no idea what hes talking about. those subs wont rip or blow, it doesnt matter if your box is sealed.

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The L5's will sound identical to the L7's assuming the same amount of power is given to them. The main difference is the L7's can handle more power, which then makes them louder when they're being driven by that power. (but remember - doubling the power to a sub only adds 3dB).

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I have two type R 10" 4 ohm subs. I want to know that which will be a good enclosure, sealed or ported? I have a pair of hand made 12" subs and an map which has a power of around 160 - 200 WRMS, not sure how much because that amp is too handmade. When I closed the holes of me 12" subs's enclosure, I found that the bass is little bit harder. Whats the matter? Should I go with an ported enclosure or with a sealed?
If ported, what should be the dimensions and how should be the port? Size doesnt matter, but thing which I need is a ground shaking bass

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u keep asking for "ground shaking bass"...every time man.
Port your type R's
about 1.5-1.8 cubes each
tune it to 35Hz.
it will get loud

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yes I am asking again again that how to get 'ground shaking bass' because no one is giving me a sensible advice. I have told that I am new bie, so tell me in detail how to make an enclosure, how to setup and tune a port how to place the enclosure in the car.
I will be asking till I get good advice
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