Online purchasing vs. local dealer (everyone should have an opinion on this one)


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guys I am in a bit of a pickle. I have been researching my system now for about 6 months, and I have gotten ALOT of input from local dealers along the way. I have become intersted in some of the products that they recommended but the prices are astronomical compared to what I can pay for the same products on woofersetc. For example, I am looking at Diamond audio D3 15's. Locally I can get both of them for about $500.00... Online I can get them for $109.00-$138.00 each. The components and coaxials are each also about $100.00-$200.00 cheaper online. The remainder of that money that I would be spending locally could be going to the cost of my box and install. Even though, I feel bad for getting so much advice along the way. I can only afford what I want by purchasing everything online, buying a box locally, and getting it installed locally. What is your take on this situation, and how do you feel about cutting out the local guy and buying online?

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u shouldnt feel bad cutting a local guy he payin for it????? f*u*c*k he aint u are..dont ever let dealers make u buy sumthing u dont want to....they just want to sell a product not make u happy...(most of the time)

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go ahead and buy online man.

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^^^exactly. that's why it's great when i find a company that values their customers better than the almighty dollar.

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If you buy on ebay for no reason buy from Indoaudio I have heard only bad things about them.

But online is way cheaper it just might take a few weeks.

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Ya Indo sucks. Never feel bad about buying on-line! A slow shop will jack the prices up just to feed there overhead. If shops would do themselves a favor and use on-line sales with decent prices that would help them out considerably and it would be great to buy on-line then pick it up locally! I'm sure that is just a dream of course... Polo..

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Onlines tha sh!t cuz online i think the type r was like $115 and at best buy they are $220!
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