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i purchased an alpine type r thinking it was rated at 500wrms but i guess it was an older version rated at 300wrms. I bought an alpine m650 amp (600wrms) for it. will this be too much power for this sub? also, what are some possible consequences that may occur? thanks

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it will be just fine... :-)
just set gains properly, and have a good chargin system...

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so doubling the amount of rms power to the sub will be absolutely ok as long as i set the gains properly

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yes just dont turn the gain past halfway

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"yes just dont turn the gain past halfway"
That depends entirely on the HU - 1/2 could be WAY too much.

The point is - the amp's gain and the HU's volume control power to the sub. If you want to damage it I'm sure you can. If you want it to last a long time that can be done about as easily.

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i fully agree with him ^^^^^^^

it all depends on the way the gains controls are layed out in each brand etc ....

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you will want to set the gains correctly to your head unit and then down some more, that sub doesnt handle 500+ watts very good ive tried :p and it died after bout a week

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with this amp should i just go ahead and purchase the newer 05 models?
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