Damn thiefs wish they'd rot.


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How the hell do you secure a head unit? I mean do they make tazers with coils I can wrap my harness in so the ****** who keeps breaking in my truck will pass out so I can put him in a bag before he wakes up and throw him in a cremation oven? Is there a trick to this? I have had everything, EVERYHTING stolen teice out of my truck at work at MHT inside best buy, even with the faceplates out, in 6 months. Viper or not they still break in. My friends car was broken into at the same time and we still didnt get him. I have a 1999 silverado extended cab and they seem to be very easy to break into. Is shaving my handles the only decent choice?

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pretty much, if someone wants your stuff bad enough, they will take it. you could run you a steel cable from the back of the HU and bolt it someplace tight on the firewall if you can. that'll throw them off.

you can still break in with the handles shaved.

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2-way pager alarm system, you can shave the door handles, nd remove the door lok cams (like I id on my Festiva) so you can only unlock the doors with the key, or with a hidden switch inside the car to lock/unlock them.
This still won't keep someone from breaking a window, but that's what a glass breakage mic and impact sensor are for, and the pager alarm.

Then when the pager goes off, you walk out to the car, and beat the guy to within an inch of his life, and wait for the police to arrive.

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So does the viper two was system support these sensors? I get the on discount since I work there. What do you recomend?
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