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I want the cleanest possible sound I can get from my xxx when I get it. Money is no option.

I was looking into the jl 1000/1's for the sub, one on each coil. People said overpriced, but for my application and what it has to offer I don't think many can compare in my opinion.

I want clean, low distortion sound. Regulated power supply, as I will be playing the subs mostly with the car off or at idle. And my alternator doesn't put out much at idle.

I heard that Brax, Helix, and McIntosh were pretty much top of the line. But don't know much about them.

I plan on getting a stinger isolator for the batteries in the trunk.

I have 8v preouts on my HU and plan on using all 8 volts of them. So I need something that can take up to 8v.

If you guys have any ideas/links to other amps please let me know 'cause I wanna have them ready for when the sub gets here...

BTW for my box I will be building a slot port, 2.5cuft tuned to 30hz... Think it will turn out nice? Right now my type R 10 tuned to 35hz fills the cabin up so nice. It's not super loud, but extremely low in my opinion.

Any suggestions would be awesome... Thanks!

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1: Get an alternator first. Something has to charge the system sooner or later, and a stock alternator is going to do nothing but strain, even if you listen with the car off, it has to be recharged eventually and it's very likely you'll burn up the stock alt. in the process. If you're going to spend big money on a high dollar amplifier, there is no excuse not to put a couple hundred bucks on an alternator to supply it. Amplifiers don't make power-they convert power from an existing energy source(the car's electrical system). A high power amplifier without sufficient supply is like wanting a high flow pump for a job and feeding it with a garden hose.

2: If you're going to do most listening with the car off or at idle, you'll want a deep cycle battery.

3: People always say JL is overpriced. It's called bandwagoning and you may as well get used to it. If you/they think that is overpriced, wait until you have to plop down $3500 on a Brax amp that puts out ~950W RMS, then consider what few benefits are gained. I'm not saying they aren't worth it to everyone, as they're built like a tank and some (like the Brax) offer a lifetime warranty. That, to many, is worth it.

4: Don't buy high quality amplifiers for the sound. An amp won't sound like anything if it's worth having. Any well built amplifier that puts out the power you want will do very well SQ wise. A Brax amp isn't going to be any better than the JL you're looking at SQ wise, unless you push the output devices into saturation (clipping). And, IMO, someone that continually pushes a $3,500 amp into clipping doesn't deserve it in the first place.

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Lifetime warrenty are great seem like i blow my stuff up a year after its installed.

tell him about zapco and arc :D

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I have an alternator, 200 amp excessive amperage alternator. It just doesn't put out much at idle. I know I need deep cycle batteries. I was looking at kinetiks. And I didn't say it was overpriced, I said people say it is. But like I said for my application and what it has to offer is why I want it. And I know how lifetime warranty is. That is why I am 18 with over 5,000 in snap-on tools, and still buying.

I just wanted to know the benefits of the brax, helix, and mcintosh amps compared to the JL.
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