12w6 vs 12w6v2


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Just wondering what the difference was between the two in SQ, SPL, etc. I assume the v2 has the other beat, but by how much?

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i don't know for sure but i think they're the same sq wise but the v2 is more efficiant, so it gets louder with less power.

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v2 is an improvement in every way. Improved motor design allowing more linear excursion, different cone design (similar to W7). Main thing is that the SQ and SPL is much improved, some of the best SQ you'll get from a sub.

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I guess the 12w6 would be better than a 12w3v2 but?

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Just go on a life long hunt for a pair of 15" IDWs... :-):D

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i think the w6's are way better then the w3's.

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I whould go with the W6's over the W3v2's also. I whould also recommend the Image Dynamics IDQ 12 and 15 over the JL 12w3v2 for sound quality and SPL overall. SQ is close to the W6v2.
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