Help tuning my amp.. please help


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I have a Directed 1500d amp and my arsenal should be here any day now. its gunna be powering it 800w @ 2ohms. its going to be sealed.

now i dont know to set everything to like the FREQ from 30-250Hz subsonic filter on or off, bass EQ on or off, phase 0 or 180? also there is this switch near the RCA's i can have it on either slave or master.

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subsonic is used for ported enclosure to ensure the sub doesn't reproduce hz that might be damaging due to overexcursion. in such a case, just tune it just above your port tuning.
if it's sealed, you can turn it off. the air trapped in the box serves as the suspension. no bottoming out.

phase can be 0 or 180. it's a matter of whether the sub is moving outward first on bass hits (0deg) or inward (180deg). typically, you want to set that at 0 deg unless you invert your subs, or you have other subs that may be causing cancellation by moving at the same time against the waves of a different sub (e.g., if drivers are aimed at each other).
run it at master. the slave just means you have another amp running through/controlling this one.

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Username: Matt12490

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ok thanks, what about the FREQ knob?

im going to be running another amp for my front stage that the RCA's will be hooked up to the RCA output on my 1500d amp. so should i turn on slave or master? also , is there any drawbacks from having my 2 channel amp's rcas hooked up to the other amp?

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Set your switch to LPF and set the crossover to 80hz for starters.

Turn off your subsonic filter

Turn off your bass boost/eq

Turn the switch to master.

Set your gain to about half way if your HU has 4 volt preouts or until you hear distortion at 3/4 volume on the HU.
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