The New Russian Dream HU


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Original (who has this). Does just about everything (minus the corny karaoke)

500.00 i'm snatching this one for the '06 charger install (or the pioneer p9) when it imports.
(initial relatively slow upload)

- 24-bit DAC, 24-bit ADC
- Line in + MIC-in (stereo)
- 6 independent, fully controllable line outs (7V) + a SUB-out
- 6 pre-amplified channels (max 4x45W + 2x35W)
- 6 independent channels for digital sound processing
- 6 independent high-precision delay channels
- A 3-band cross-over (12/24 dB/oct)
- 30-band Graphical Equalizer (an equivalent Parametric Equalizer is planned to be implemented as an option)
- Independent control of the stereo base for 3 pairs of stereo channels.
- An embedded generator of the test and measurement signals

- Media: CD-DA, CD-ROM(-R,-RW); Also supports mixed CDs.
- Filesystems: Multisession ISO9660/Joliet, UDFS
- Compression formats: (AD)PCM, MP3, FLAC (OGG Vorbis support is planned). Supports WAV files containing (AD)PCM or MP3 data. Can play video (AVI, proprietary codec).
- CD-Text (for CD-DA), Tags (for compressed formats)
- Electronic antishock (~10sec for CD-DA, ~1.5Mb for compressed formats)

FM Radio
- Digital (hardware & software) radio signal processing
- FM (stereo), UKW (stereo)
- Frequency step is 10kHz (0.01MHz)
- Support for RDS, including time synchronization (Radiotext support is planned)
- Ability for "blindly" selecting a station (sound preview)
- Can repeat last 10 seconds of the radio translation without losing any information

User Interface
- Graphical VFD display
- Intuitive control by a single button (an encoder)
- Animated menu
- Multiple language support for fonts and encodings (UNICODE-16).
- Voice comments (currently it only can say what time it is, but they plan that it will comment menus as you navigate)
- Support for common remote control units (2 different RCUs are shipped with the device). It can read IR-codes from your remote and assign it to do any supported command.

Expansion interfaces
- An embedded adapter for the car ECU (K-line interface is currently suppported), car diagnostic software (trip computer, code scanner, etc.) The Diagnostic software is not yet implemented, they say they plan to finish it by the end of the year 2005. It will support KWP2000 protocol at first. More protocols may be added later if users request.
- High-speed proprietary MegaBUS interface (5MBit/sec):
* ATAPI BOX: An external device to support ATA-compatible devices (HDD, ATA CD/DVD). The ATAPI BOX development is in progress. It is not yet released.
* External sensors (not yet implemented)
* Link to a PC (not yet implemented)

Support & Software upgradability
- Firmware can easily be upgraded by the user. Just put the new version on the CD and insert it into CDD.
- User can upload animations (currently only video clips on CD are supported, not the animations).
- Developer's site on the net -

Service capabilities
- Can work as a trip computer/diagnostic device (not yet implemented)
- Non-volatile memory for all the settings
- Embedded real-time clock
- Calendar, alarm-clock, timer
- A notepad, voice recorder and games (these are not yet implemented)

- Power saving timeouts
- Support for hands free function (not yet implemented)
- Driving parameters monitoring (speed, etc.; not yet implemented)
- Multi-level anti-theft system (includes password protection, which is also good for keeping strangers away from your sound settings).

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Extremely interesting. I would like to know what quality and sound is like on that unit...

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looks promising.

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Looks like a Pioneer with a different name.

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Why would you want 6 amplified outs? can you turn off the amplified section?

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OMG! Somebody is making a head unit with *GASP!* a >>graphic<< equalizer?!?!

You mean one - out of a multitude - of HU manufacturers actually has an engineering staff with brains between their ears? That understands that some people actually *care* enough about how their music sounds to want to (*gasp*) change the EQ once in awhile? Without enjoying violent freeway death while attempting to fiddle with "center frequencies" and "bandwidth" amid a multi-level nested menu scheme?

Could the long, long night really be over?!?


I will kill and die for a head unit with a graphic equalizer rather than those %&*@!#!*, #*%!@*#!, !!#%&**#!@&*! parametric atrocities.

My only question: Will the user interface be in English or Russian? Cryllic would be a serious deal-killer.

But...graphic EQ! Maybe I could take a course in Russian...?


Zdrastvweetyeh, Comrades!

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Ben from eD is planning on importing them.

One has already been ordered and reviewed (by Ben).

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Knacko, where have you been?
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