My amp keeps shuting down with heavy bass lines


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ive got a rockford 1500bd hooked up to 2 pioneer(spls) at 4 ohms got a pioneer premier 760mp reciever and when ever i try playing my system loud with a song that has a heavy bass line my bass amps shuts down ive tried changing the ground but the funny thing is ive got to 30 amp batteries on it but i still down think thts the problem here cause i had the same system on my suv with one 80 amp battery and it still did the same.the only way i can run it without problems is i gotta have my sub level at posditive 2 and my lows at -2 or 3 oh and ive got a 1 farad cap on it too,so someone just help me out here is it my amp or im i lacking in tht much power cause ive tried pther amps and tht wasnt the case and common its a rockford 1500bd hooked up two two pioneers each putting out 750 rms and i know im not yet close to cranking tht amp yet cause i had it in action once on my suv and on the sentra i got it now it ent close to that .help fast
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