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i have 2 12's and i still have my stock head unit, its a bose 6 changer and i have 2 6.5's in the front doors and 2 6.5's in the back doors, and i have a 8 inch woofer underneath the cup holder thing, its all stock. all i added was the high to low converter, and the 2 12's and amp, i want to know of some 6.5's i can add all around that will be louder than what ive got now, because my bass is really overpowering my treble if you know what i mean, i want it to be loud and clear. my budget is around 300, im thinking 150 a pair and i need two so yeah, any help is greatly appreciated


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You will need to get an amp in order to make it louder. Having component speakers in the back is not a good idea because its a waste of money.

I would get a nice set of component speakers up front and then a 2 channel amp to power them nicely. Also getting a new head unit wouldnt be a bad idea.

well, sorry to change everyhing, but im not gonna be driving the truck anymore, its my dads, im buying a 1995 chevy cavalier for really cheap. but to make a long story short, it has an after market deck in it, not sure what kind yet but, i know that it has 4x6's in the front and 6x9's in the back, what coaxils do you know that i can switch out the stock ones with, that will sound louder than the ones the car came with. my budget is around 200 for the speakers. ill buy an amp for them later


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If you're looking for volume, you'll pretty much want components. Maybe some of those Infinity Refs or perfects, depending what prices you can find them at. They won't do super well until you amp them tho.

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the infinities are really good sq comps. but are more for low volume sq. they don't do well with a lot of power at all. i agree that doing comps all around would be a waste.
i would get http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-DLS-Reference-PS6A-6-5-2Way-Component-Speaker_W0QQitemZ5 831429654QQcategoryZ32819QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem or some good kappas for the fronts.
and if you must have rear fill, http://www.adireaudio.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=AA&Produ ct_Code=9010&Category_Code=9000.
that would be my route for 200.00 if i couldn't spend it all on the front stage (which i would).

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you need all 4 speakers no matter what anyone says it gives the hole surround sound thing.

You gota have speakers and the front and back for shore. 4 channel amp about 100 watts 2 each speaker wuld be fine.

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It's Stereo, not trereo, quadrio, or anything else. That means 2 point sources is optimal for a good soundstage, "surround sound" is ok if your only concern is loud or just want it to sound like there is a musician playing in your back seat, other than that it's a complete waste of money and the phasing problems screw up the frequency response and imaging.

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CarAudio... you dont need front and rear speakers and if you have any experience at all and wanted good products then you would run a strong front stage and not worry about speakers for the back... if you talk to any of the experienced guys like glass they run a strong front stage because thats where you get good sound
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